7 Pro Tips to know for Mobile eCommerce Website 2020-21….Part I

“If you’re competitor focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.”

It is no surprise that global mobile eCommerce sales are expected to reach 3.5 trillion dollars by the year 2021. It might get too late if you are still not aiming to optimize your e-commerce website for the mobile platform.


Shopping through a mobile devices is much less hassle and is a quite convenient way to get things done and thus for sellers it is important to enhance this shopping experience for the user. You must meet their expectations with the latest mobile site features and buying solutions to make the whole buying process worth their time and effort. Through these two series blog posts we will be discussing the pro-tips that you can use to improve the design and consequently user experience on your mobile e-commerce website.

Here are some of the advanced UX tips that can come handy for your e-commerce mobile website to improve your customer engagement by offering phenomenal user experience.

1. Focus On Simplifying The Buying Journey of Your Customer:

With changing technology the modern buyer has also evolved, and not only are they more informed than ever but they can also make educated decisions on their every purchase.

As per a 2019 survey, on average the online buyer spends almost four minutes on an e-commerce website using a mobile device. Looking at this data, you can assess that you have a small window of four minutes to convince your potential consumer that your service is worth the price and their precious time.

Your mobile e-commerce website should be designed in a specific way so it can create that positive buying experience for the user (so that they go through with the buying process and don’t ditch in the middle).

The trick is to keep your mobile website design simple while also efficient in a way that it successfully conveys the relevant information to the user. Right from the product selection to the payment stage, the buying journey of the customer should be clear and least complex (the lesser the distraction better chance you have at getting successful conversion).

What you should avoid however is upselling on your site. It is among the most common e-commerce mistakes businesses commit and that is by upselling even before the customer has completed their initial purchase.

Cart abandonment is often what you face when you bombard your customer with additional information on other products that they can buy along with their primary items and that means now they have more decisions to make (and thus, cart abandonment). Upselling works when the buyer has completed one purchase on your site.

With Midas, you can consult our expert e-commerce website developers who will come up with an effective design strategy to streamline the buying process and ensure upselling happens only after the initial purchase is completed.

2. Importance of Search Feature and The Design:

Each and every element of the customer conversion journey or buying process on your site must be taken seriously. Thus, right designing means placing the elements on your mobile e-commerce site suitably to gain a better response from the users coming to the site. The search box is quite crucial for your customer conversion journey and thus cannot be neglected. The search box definitely saves time for your consumer when searching for a particular item or service.

Here are a Few Factors worth considering which are Relevant to the Search Box:

• Have you considered placing a search button that has an auto-complete feature?

• Have you considered including preview images of searched items/products when a consumer uses the search button?

• What works best search icon for your mobile site, a tab, bar, or magnifying glass icon?

• Is it best to place the search bar at the top of the screen or it will be better at the bottom?

• Would your consumer have a better buying experience if you’ll add filtered search for them? When talking about e-commerce sites with a massive inventory, adding search filters will help in getting the desired item within fewer clicks and if that is less effort for your customer then it is definitely a good way to improve consumer engagement.

Talk to our experts and know how you can get the right answers to these questions for your mobile e-commerce website. Find out how you can improve the search experience of your customers through the right site design! For the latest Mobile Web Development and Design Services from India, you can reach out to us.

3. Nothing But Excellent When It Comes To Site Loading Speed:

The customer doesn’t like to wait and a slow loading website will kill time and interest of your potential buyer. It is like a cardinal sin to even have a website that doesn’t have the optimal loading speed.

People want to buy using the mobile devices because it is quick, quite convenient, and offers the freedom of mobility (you can be buying stuff while walking your dog!). However, if your mobile site has a bad loading speed issue then it is obvious that your customer is going to look for better options and your competitors might be doing that (which you surely don’t want to see).

For mobile websites, it is better to have fast loading speed as it reduces the chance of site bounce rate.

Here Are Some Tips to Improve the loading Speed of your Mobile Site:

• You can use PageSpeed Insight API to monitor and measure the performance of your website. You can also find relevant suggestions to improve your website performance.

• By keeping the redirects on your website to minimal, you can improve user experience. You can use online tools to analyze how redirects are affecting the consumer behavior on your mobile e-commerce website.

• Work on minimizing your page loading speed by compressing the text and image size on your site.


We are definitely not done yet, so stay tuned to our blog page and find out how you can improve your mobile website design for e-commerce business. If you are already planning to revamp your site or looking for e-commerce design specialists for a customized mobile site then Feel Free To Give Us a Call. Midas is your mobile website design and development service provider in India and you can hire our professional services at a nominal price.