10 Checklist For Your Business Mobile App Testing

Here’s your quick checklist for mobile app testing! In this blog, we are going to reveal and discuss about various types of mobile app tests that you will need to run to ensure your application is suitable for the end user.


A flawless user experience on mobile apps is no doubt a difficult & challenging task but it is achievable nonetheless.

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An error-free application is critical to your app’s success rate in the market. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

10 Checklist For Your Mobile App Testing:

1. Functional Testing For Mobile Apps:

As the name suggests, this testing is to ensure all the set functions of the app are working as required. This test also assesses the user flows within the app along with every feature and related user flow.

Make sure the application is able to function in multitask mode when required; for instance, the user can be able to take calls while using the mobile app on the device.

An application under test (AUT) should not impact the other apps running on the device, for instance, pausing or closing the activities of other apps running on the device. Check for the auto-logout function, page swipe, and scroll function, etc.

2. UI Testing For Mobile Apps:

UI testing is very essential and cannot be ignored from your testing point of view.

There will be challenges when it comes to UI testing for mobile apps as developers and QA experts need to make sure that the small screen of mobile devices doesn’t become detrimental to the success of the app.

You will have to test and assess the app components for the small screens of mobiles and test that order, layout, and functionality of the app match the expected standards.

Make sure to check that the mobile screen doesn’t cut off the text and that it fits right into the provided space. Check all the alerts, pop-ups, and error messages.

Check your app navigation, swipe functions, and carousel functions, etc. Ascertain that the page load is not more than five seconds. Also, include a progress bar so the user is informed that the page is loading.

Check and confirm that the company logo, image size, etc. are in the right place and in order. Check for grammatical & spelling errors in your content/text provided in the app.

It is important that there is no lagging in content when the user scrolls up. Ensure that data (for functions such as form filling) doesn’t get lost or deleted when the user switches between apps or the mobile app are moved to the background.

3. Performance Testing For Mobile Apps:

This testing will assess a mobile app’s performance under different conditions.

The testing expert will put the app under non-optimal conditions and check whether the app is able to sustain the pressure and still perform up-to-the set standards.

Mobile app testing tools will help you test the CPU consumption when the mobile app is in use. Check for the app performance by switching between different networks.

You can also check for the app’s performance threshold by assessing how many parallel users & sessions it takes to crash the app’s performance. You can check app performance under a specific load by running load testing on individual API calls.

4. Compatibility Testing For Mobile Apps:

This testing will check if the app is performing as desired across various operating systems, mobile devices, networks, hardware, databases, and browsers.

Under this testing, you will check for interruption conditions like messages, calls, and incoming notifications when the app is in use.

Quality assurance and testing for seamless functioning of important functions such as storing messages, alarms, sending and receiving messages, etc. when the app is still in use.

5. Usability Testing For Mobile Apps:

This testing checks for user experience on the app and how user-friendly the mobile app is for the general user.

Under this testing, you will check for the accessibility of the content format, buttons, font size, etc. Ascertain the app enables uninterrupted navigation for the user. Check for the intuitive factor of the app’s usability.

6. Recovery Testing For Mobile Apps:

This testing validates that the app is able to recover from failures like power supply failures, hardware or software crashes and network outages, etc. Check whether the app is able to resume the last operation when it is tested against a hard reboot.

7. Security Testing For Mobile Apps:

This testing is to evaluate the security function of the application. Run tests for security vulnerabilities such as user data (like mobile numbers, passwords, login details, email id, etc.).

Check whether the confidential data is encrypted from unauthorized access. Data transferred to and from the server over the selected network should be encrypted and secured.

8. Resource Usage & Installation Testing For Apps:

Using automated mobile testing you can check for the resources that are needed to install the application. Evaluate the installation process and make sure it is user friendly and quick without any system crashes.

9. Mobile Data & Battery Testing For Mobile Apps:

Assess the mobile app for data usage and power consumption. Make sure the app doesn’t drain the battery of a device when running in the background.

10. Time Zone & Localization Testing For Mobile Apps:

Test your app for localization settings. Functional flow and labels etc. should perform without any glitches or interruptions in different languages.


This was our concise checklist on mobile app testing and we hope it provided you with some valuable insight. Your site and application performance cannot be compromised for anything as the success of your business online will depend on whether your site and apps are able to engage with the user and provide them with the right information and service without much hassle.

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