10 Practical Website Design Tips To Boost Your Site Conversion 2022

“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.” – Dr. Christopher Dayagdag


How well a website performs in the long run for your business is directly proportional to the type of consistent effort you have put into developing and maintaining your website. It certainly is an investment and you get a higher return on this investment eventually if not immediately.

Through this blog section, we regularly discuss and touch on various topics which can help you build and design a high-performing and robust website for your business.

In this blog post, we will list down simple yet effective ten website design tips which will help you understand how to be outstanding in a crowd of run-of-the-mill websites available online.

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10 Ways To Revamp Your Site Design To Bring In Quality Leads For Conversion:

1. Identify The Main Objective Of Your Website:

The clearer your objective is with respect to your website, the easier it will be to achieve that goal.

It sounds simple but often businesses complicate things when it comes to understanding and finalizing the objectives they want to achieve for their website. Objectives for your website could sound like this:

• Selling more products

• Educating & informing buyers

• Generating passive income

• Bringing in qualified traffic

• Enhancing employee productivity

The next step to identifying objectives for your website would be to prioritize the top goals that you want to attain first.

2. Online & Offline Brand Identity:

Most businesses have given enough thought and effort when building and establishing their offline brand identity. It is better to use that to get in sync with their online identity as well.

Match your existing signage, and brochures with site logos, icons, and color schemes to connect your online and offline business with your target audience and potential buyers.

3. Determine The Key Actions For Your Site & Make Them Obvious:

Once a visitor lands on your site, what are the key tasks/actions you want them to complete?

Do you want them to place an order? Order related items or know why your website is better in providing value to the customer than the competitor websites?

These are some of the examples of key actions that you want to get done on your site when a visitor lands on your site page.

Collaborate with your site designer to ensure that the design conveys the motive and helps the visitor to navigate their way through the site to complete the target task or action. Make sure to keep the user interested and let them get their way around without getting confused.

4. Website Copy & Engaging With Visitors:

Your website copy is part of your site design in the sense it will engage with the user and it could keep them interested or deter them from going further.

Time is a valuable asset her when it comes to capturing the attention of your user once they reach your site. You have roughly 15 to 30 seconds to convince them that you have something of value to offer.

Make sure the first two paragraphs of your site copy have the appeal to win user’s interest in your business.

5. Search Box For Your Website:

Website marketing experts have found that almost 50% of users coming to a website are very likely to use the search box in order to surf for the information they are looking for and expect that information on the website.

Especially, if your website consists of multiple pages and tons of information such as product pages, service pages, blog posts, news, helpdesk pages, etc. It is best to consider adding a search box to help the visitor reach the relevant information faster and without much hassle.

6. Tagline For Your Business Website:

Taglines are short, easy to read, and communicate important information in a jiffy. Being direct with your users is a good way to build rapport with them by saving them time and effort.

Brands/Businesses like YouTube use taglines (YouTube “broadcast yourself”) to send a clear message about what their business is about. You can use a similar approach to enhance your site design and improve user experience.

7. Web Page Layout & Consistency:

Maintaining a consistent design style throughout your website pages, may it be the home page template or service page, etc. will offer a cohesive look to your site.

It will help you to create a website that stands out from other websites (where it is sort of a norm to design a home page different from other pages of the website).

Whether it is images, heading, footer, typefaces, or any other element, try to bring the consistency factor to your design.

8. Text Arrangement & Site Design:

Research has shown that one reads 25 per cent slower from a computer screen compared to reading from a paper. What does that have to do with your site design?

You need to make sure your content or site copy is adjusted in a way that it is easy to understand, read and consume the information.

Use short paragraphs, headings, bullet points and sub headings, etc. to make sure the text is readable.

9. FAQ Section & Website:

You can have customers coming to your site with similar queries and questions. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to add an FAQ section on your website that delivers all the relevant answers to the most asked questions or queries. This helps to create credibility for your business.

10. Contact Information & Site Design:

Your contact details should be present on every page of your website. It’s for the convenience of your user and making sure you are making it easier for your clients to notice your business and not forget about it when they want to reach out to you for the service. Highlight your company’s address, contact number, and email id at the bottom section of your website pages.


These were some of the ways you can arrange your site to perform better, engage better, and connect with your desired customers. Midas is a leading website development company, for custom web design and development services from india You Can Reach Out To Us. Find out more about our top services in our service section and stay tuned for the next blog update!