10 UX Statistics You Must Know Before Investing In UX In 2023

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.”


In this latest blog, we are going to share ten important UX relevant statistics. These are the data that we have gathered, researched, and picked up for you to understand the critical relevance of UX behind any website’s success.

It is the right time to learn about the importance & tactics of UX design and simultaneously take action to improve and implement the same in your business website.

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Defining UX:

To put it simply, UX is a personal and internal experience that your user comes across, goes through, and becomes familiar with when using your app or site’s interface.

The main goal of UX is to provide a positive experience to the user by allowing the user to navigate the application without confusion or uncertainty.

A meaningful user experience that is conducive to a business is a combination of important factors such as design, user psychology, technology, and research.

10 Stats That Show UX Is Pivotal For Your Business:

1. Research Shows That, On Average, Every $1 Invested In UX Brings $100 In Return (Source: Forrester):

That’s an incredible 100x return on your investment!! If you’re struggling to persuade your company CFO on why UX is worth the investment, show them these impressive stats on UX.

2. The Top Companies Leading In User Experience Outperformed The S&P Index By 35% (Source: Forbes ):

Your customer has a plethora of options and they hold the power to switch to the better provider if you’re lacking in some way or the other. A great user experience promises a seamless experience to the user when they reach your application or site.

Some of the leading companies around the globe such as Apple, Google, and Airbnb make a considerable investments in UX. They understand that UX plays a key role in setting your brand apart from the crowd in today’s market.

3. 8 In 10 Customers Are Willing To Pay More For A Better Customer Experience (Source: Capgemini):

These statistics reinstates the fact that user is not interested in complicated & ultra-sophisticated user experience. The magic lies in simplicity and elegance. Keep things simple and easy to understand when it comes to UX design.

4. A Well-Designed User Interface Could Raise Your Website’s Conversion Rate By Up To 200%, And A Better UX Design Could Yield Conversion Rates by Up To 400% (Source: Forrester):

Brands can experience a significant transformation in their conversion rate if they could excel at UX design.

The digital environment evolves quickly and if you’re still stuck with your obsolete design and user experience then it is a hard fact to consider that UX can make or break your brand value online.

Statistics That Highlight The Risk Of Not Investing In UX:

5. Businesses Lose 35% Of Sales Due To Bad UX (Source: AWS):

The metrics debunk the myth that UX is nothing more than just another fancy element of your site.

As per Amazon Web Services, e-commerce companies that are compromising on user experience and not meeting the standards are actually losing 35% of their sales because of that. In revenue, this number would be around $1.4 trillion worth of sales.

6. 70% Of Customers Abandons Purchases Because Of Bad User Experience (Source: Baymard):

Once a user lands on your website, their journey starts as a consumer and it doesn’t end until they have purchased from you or completed the target call to action.

Abandoning a purchase in the middle is not a sale and that means you are not generating any revenue out of it.

Make sure your site design and UX are planned to meet the user expectations and for that, you can consult expert UX developers and designers.

7. 32% Of Users Will Leave A Brand They Love If They Have One Bad Experience (Source: PWC):

Another great takeaway from these metrics is that it takes one mistake to burn your bridges with your loyal customers. Acquiring a new customer takes a lot of effort in terms of your time, money, and service.

Thus, it is important to prevent any mistake that can make you lose your customers. UX of your site can decide whether your user is getting a good or bad experience on your site and thus it is critical to invest in this system.

8. 67% Of Customers Claim Unpleasant Experiences As A Reason For Churn (Source: Forbes):

Churn in business means the measure of customers who stopped using a product. If a bad user experience can lead to losing 67 per cent of your consumers then it is a high time to focus on improving your business site and its UX design. You can grow and drive more revenue if you keep your existing customers satisfied and happy.

9. 3 Out Of The 12 Reasons Why Projects Fail Are Attributed To User Experience Failures (Source: AWS):

Sometimes the problem is not that complex but something that is present right in front of us. If every three businesses out of twelve are failing because of bad user experience, then it is time to do an assessment of your business site and check if your website is able to provide that and not failing in that area.

10. There Was A Success Rate Of 80% When People Used The Navigation Scheme Structured According To Most Users’ Mental Model. There Was A Success Rate Of 9% When People Used The Navigation Scheme Structured According To The Company’s Internal Thinking. (Source: Nielsen Norman Group):

In the field of UX, familiarity plays an essential role. What we mean by that is our users are used to certain mental models when navigating through a site or app and that familiarity lessens the work on the user’s part. A product/app/website shouldn’t look like a piece of the maze to learn to navigate. Keep things simple, easy, and intuitive.


UX in today’s day and age is one of the foundation stones of your site infrastructure. Your software solution is incomplete without considering user experience. Identify the gaps in your solution and site design and where you are missing the mark and take that as a great opportunity to notch up your business.

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