Content Management System

We've customized CMS services like tracking, implementing & managing content on website.

Midas offers enterprise grade performance in providing extensive web content management system services. With our excellent, first-class ECM and CMS applications you can manage and organize the business data. We assist you in organizing your critical business asset with proper implementation of our CMS services.

Midas has more than ten years of experience in providing web maintenance services. With our up-to-date administrative and management tools, we are capable of providing cost-efficient website maintenance solutions that simplifies updating work like copy changes, press release, news updating etc.

Now manage and deploy the content of your website in a much hassle-free and unique way with our CMS applications like Wordpress, PHP Nuke, Drupal, Joomla, Radiant, DotNetNuke, eZ etc. You can get dynamic result with our distinguished and quality CMS solutions. Whether it is web content management, enterprise content management, portal content management, document content management, digital asset management or source content management, we have the best tools and resources to support various content management systems.


Key CMS features that we provide:

1. Quality performance, scalable & flexible

We make sure that our CMS services offer multiple levels of caching and cloud based facilities for high performance which is scalable and supports the smooth performance of website.

2. Extensible & integrable

We provide robust Content Management Systems that are compatible and integrable with other platforms, technologies, social networks, mobile applications and CRM systems. To reduce the project development cost, we have off-the-shelf connectors available for common platforms.

3. Easy to operate & adaptable for site administrators and content editors

We understand the need of intuitive and dynamic Content Management System that could contribute to the online business of varying size therefore we have easy to use and secure content management technology.

4. Improved & advanced security management

With advanced management services, you get multiple prebuilt authentication options for your website that works as the advanced security system. Features like tailor-made content permissions, user roles and module permissions contribute in securing the website data.

5. Online marketing tools & applications

Midas offers you an array of integrated digital marketing tools that are customer-centric and optimize the marketing by covering multiple channels.

Benefits of CMS

  • Page management becomes easy and quick. No more complex programming or hustle when publishing online.
  • Streamlined work management since CMS provides integrated workflow process.
  • Content Management System simplifies content publishing even for non-technical users which directly lessens the burden for technical developers to enhance the functionality features.
  • You are free to manage and manipulate your website content without messing or changing the design.
  • Your web page data management becomes more dynamic, feasible and uncomplicated as it is database driven.
  • CMS gives web managers the access to shared resources like images, audio files, video files etc.
  • CMS applications are scalable and are compatible with mobile devices.
  • CMS service gives you the power to update and manage the website from anywhere. You get the remote access if you have the internet connection.

Benefits of ECM

  • Midas provides quality ECM service that offers you secure document management. You can keep track of your documents and information and it can be automatically linked to the target account.
  • Digital services like ECM enables you to cut unwanted operational costs like printing and shipping because with ECM solutions your data management is cloud based. You get the instant access and processing facility even on your mobile devices.
  • ECM system improves customer service by streamlining processes like giving instant access to forms also sending requests online.
  • With ECM solutions you can minimize the risk factors as it provides you the facility of enforcing security policies while reporting and auditing the document and information you may need or already have.

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  • Working with Midas was the easiest part of building my business. I thought making a website would be extremely complicated and time consuming, but at Midas they understood my project perfectly from the beginning and designed a site that exceeded my expectations by a lot. My site ended up being very functional and aesthetic, and not only they developed it but helped me learn how to manage it after it went live.

    Juan Habares Bitotality
  • I have hired & have worked directly with Mr.Yadav & Midas for more than 8 years. Jai is intelligent, honest, dedicated & an outside the box thinker. The technical team of Midas served the purpose of finding solutions to difficult problems & thereby ensuring customers are completely satisfied. Without reservation, I recommend Jai and his company, Midas IT Services.

    Garry Kyle Symplr Inc
  • Midas has done a wonderful job for me in design and development for multiple websites for my companies, mobile websites included. Midas has performed well in meeting the needs of my companies. Currently I'm collaborating with Midas over another project. Highly recommend the company for IT services and solutions.

    Mark Becker President GoSimpleSolar
    Semper Fidelis Construction, Inc.
  • I was fortunate enough to find Jai and the team at Midas and to partner with them for more than 3 years. Midas offered the exceptional tools and resources to support my project and understood the requirements and long-term goals of my business. We're happy to continue our business and with custom development services offered by Midas.

    Bruce D Campbell Web Producer at Mauka Makai Web Services
  • After thinking outside the box and creating an original template for a series of interconnected websites,, Midas took over a very complex website that required intricate tracking mechanisms for sales from another IT team. Within six weeks a beta version for was deployed.

    Carey S. Buttfield Managing Partner at CrunchTime
  • We have worked with Jai and his efficient MIDAS team on several projects. The team is reliable, dedicated and produces quality work, and doesn't complain too much when we ask for changes

    Pat Bensky Managing Director at Tenthmatrix Information Systems Ltd.
  • Our business partner Midas has always gone beyond the usual and typical to ensure that any project I hand over is managed perfectly; hence ensuring enduring quality and security. Thank you Jai and his team for the great help and services.

    Gregory PercifieldDueling Pianist at Felix and Fingers
  • Midas has been a valuable software development partner. We had many clients in need of some in-depth Internet-based technology offerings. The Midas team was able to provide the needed resources to develop the necessary functionality at a very reasonable price.

    Jim LidestriCEO Border City Media, Inc.