15 Questions You Should Not Skip When Hiring Web Maintenance Service

“Maintenance is Development”

Permanence is not guaranteed when we are not willing to support and upkeep what already exists. The same analogy fits for websites, as we must ensure that the sites are regularly maintained for them to perform at maximum capacity.


A poorly maintained website often risks losing quality customers. In this blog, we will discuss how you can choose a reliable service provider; to ensure your website is in good hands. For leading website and Application Maintenance Services you can reach out to Midas.

With more than eighteen years of industry expertise and collaborating with diverse businesses has enriched our experience. We are adept at building, designing, and maintaining your website assets. Check out our service section for more information.

Here is a list of questions you must ask when hiring a web maintenance service for your business:

1. What is your onboarding and ongoing process for website maintenance?

A reliable website maintenance service providing agency will always have a predefined procedure for its service journey.

A predefined onboarding and ongoing process will ensure that the service is delivered within the given time limit. When service deliverability is not compromised you can be certain about the project completion.

For the predefined onboarding process, the firm will provide information such as:

  • How will the maintenance team initiate the process?
  • Which initiation tasks will be targeted first?
  • What reports can we expect on completion of the initiation process?

For the ongoing process, the firm will provide information such as:

  • What is the schedule for decided activities?
  • How will a customer be reported about the changes and maintenance?

2. Are the onboarding and ongoing process for website maintenance is transparent to the customers?

It is important to know and understand the activities that will be carried out during the maintenance process. Thus, the service provider must deliver relevant reports, dashboard updates, customer area, so on and so forth.

3. Does the service include a dedicated support team? What are the strengths and expertise of the team?

A dedicated team is a team of specialists who are experts in their field and collaborate with you seamlessly for quality service. It is also better to learn about the team and their skill-set and if they are able to offer relevant service for your project.

4. What is the Turnaround Time for the project?

It is the amount of time needed to complete a process/project. Whether you have requested for change service or support service, must confirm for the total time needed for the service. The dedicated team will provide with the details and how much time is required for the same.

5. Does the maintenance team have an escalation matrix?

An escalation matrix helps an organization to track, identify, monitor, and manage situations that require rapid action or have critical importance.

The escalation matrix includes a roadmap pertaining to the order of departments & employees that you can contact when a service request is issued.

6. Does the firm/service provider have a specialized CRM for website maintenance and management?

We are in a digital age where technical tools and resources streamline our work and improve the chances of quality work.

Similarly, it is important that a web maintenance firm adopts the latest CRM system to offer scalable and timely delivery of services. You can also question how the CRM is going to contribute to the maintenance program of the website.

7. Does the firm provide a detailed report on monthly scheduled maintenance? Are there any other reports that the team will provide?

Normally, it is recommended to have monthly security and activity updates for your website. You can even ask for weekly updates. You must ask if the agency will provide a detailed activity report along with other reports such as website loading time and speed report, site performance report as well as site audience report.

8. What are the additional value/service you offer besides website maintenance service?

An agency that has industry recognition is most likely to offer additional value to their clientele so that they can retain the customers. You can speak to our experts at Midas for various added values you will get along with your website maintenance program.

9. Does your agency provide a mobile app to raise maintenance and support requests?

Many agencies that are already in the market and have substantial experience and expertise know it well that quick service is all that today’s consumer wants. Thus, mobile application as a source of additional support for the website maintenance program is something you can ask for if they provide.

10. You can ask for the top clients the agency has served and offered their website maintenance services to?

You want to collaborate with experts who have prior knowledge and command in the industry. Check for the testimonials and client reviews to know better about the types of businesses they have worked with and offered their maintenance solutions.

11. How does the firm manage the backup system?

Do they have a manual backup process or they use an auto backup system? What is the frequency of taking backups, meaning how often and at what intervals do they perform the backup process? How do they store and restore the backup data? These questions will clarify how aware and responsible the prospective maintenance service providers are.

12. How does the agency manage a situation when the site is hacked or data is breached during non-working hours or during the Holiday season?

You cannot decide when the unfortunate event happens but what you can do is plan ahead for the calamity. Does the agency you are engaging with is eager to provide end-to-end service and assistance when the emergency arises during unlikely hours?

13. How is the prospective web maintenance agency going to secure your credentials?

Your privacy is critical and when you are collaborating with other agencies for the site management and maintenance you must ensure your credentials are in good hands. Learn and ask about their password management policy.

14. Do they provide SPOC for your website maintenance service?

SPOC is the Single Point of Contact and it is either a person or a department who will work as the main coordinator for the service. This will ensure that communication is transparent on both sides and you are able to gauge on the ongoing development in the process.

15. What is the exit process for web maintenance service?

A competent and experienced website maintenance service provider will have an exit process for their service. This process will ensure that all the business relevant information and credentials such as passwords, backups, etc. are handed over in an efficient and seamless way.


So, these were the top fifteen questions that you must ask before hiring an agency for a website maintenance service. We hope this blog helped you to get more insight into this topic. For any more information or questions on website maintenance or web development, you can reach out to us. Midas is among the most sought after companies for web application maintenance services in Delhi so just Drop A Message or Give Us A Call and we’ll help you right away! Stay tuned to our blog section for the next update.