To prosper and get ahead with the fast paced IT industry it is best to look for the support and services that will improve the chances of achieving your business goals. Innovative technical resources and solutions like staff augmentation and IT consultation has made it comprehensible and manageable for the businesses to enhance operational efficiencies.

If you are looking for better opportunities to prosper in the market by leveraging the existing resources of the organization you can always get cost-effective IT consultation and staff augmentation. With Midas, we make sure that you get the best and par excellence IT consultation services and also staff augmentation requirements are met to complete the big budget projects.

We utilize our years of experience and prowess in recruiting the best candidates for your project that have the aptitude and are fit for the assigned job. We make it simple, affordable and convenient for our clients by finding the additional skills that will provide the required reinforce to the enterprise. We are capable of providing you the access to the best skill set available in the industry to match your business needs through our staff augmentation services. We also work as outsourcing IT consultation and staff augmentation service provider for the global market.

Five Key Benefits of Midas IT Consultation & Staff Augmentation Services:

1. Hand-picked experienced candidates:

We select trained professionals who are experienced in handling assigned tasks and projects without much assistance. Our selected augmented staff will serve the purpose of finishing the task in time and meeting the deadlines.

2. Quality assurance & cost-effective:

It is possible that you are looking for an augmented staff service only for a temporary period of time and we provide that cost-effective service of staff augmentation. Without compromising on the quality service we make it a priority to engage the highly qualified and professional candidates that will assist in your project for the required period of time.

3. Meeting the need of required skill:

For efficient work process it is important that you target the skills that will provide quick success result in your ventures. We are here to provide you the best IT consultation and outsourced staffing services that will assist you in managing your project.

4. Fresh outlook & objective:

Your augmented staff will bring a fresh outlook and objective to the project you are working on and hence their attributes will supplement the skills required to finish the particular task on time.

5. Staff augmentation and control:

When selecting the staff we consider the factors like providing turnkey staffing solutions and budgeting your resources so that you get the control to maintain and lead the changes you want in your augmented staff.

Extensive Range of Staff Augmentation & IT Consultation Services

IT Consulting Services:

We are your trusted resource providing you with the custom software and application development assistance for enriching your business with latest and scalable IT services.

Business Analysis Consulting:

Midas offers you business analysis services to identify the business issues. Our cost-effective IT services are quality and tailored IT solutions which are suitable to address the business issues.

Engagement Models:

To keep pace with the dynamic business market we have customized multiple engagement models that will meet the need of your enterprise and organization. To solve the issue of time, budget and resources we execute engagement services that are scalable and target maximizing the benefit on the web platform.

Managed Services:

We provide a wide-range of customized software and application development services which will improve and ease the customer relationship management by providing better customer data management, accessing important business information etc.

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  • Working with Midas was the easiest part of building my business. I thought making a website would be extremely complicated and time consuming, but at Midas they understood my project perfectly from the beginning and designed a site that exceeded my expectations by a lot. My site ended up being very functional and aesthetic, and not only they developed it but helped me learn how to manage it after it went live.

    Juan Habares Bitotality
  • I have hired & have worked directly with Mr.Yadav & Midas for more than 8 years. Jai is intelligent, honest, dedicated & an outside the box thinker. The technical team of Midas served the purpose of finding solutions to difficult problems & thereby ensuring customers are completely satisfied. Without reservation, I recommend Jai and his company, Midas IT Services.

    Garry Kyle Symplr Inc
  • Midas has done a wonderful job for me in design and development for multiple websites for my companies, mobile websites included. Midas has performed well in meeting the needs of my companies. Currently I'm collaborating with Midas over another project. Highly recommend the company for IT services and solutions.

    Mark Becker President GoSimpleSolar
    Semper Fidelis Construction, Inc.
  • I was fortunate enough to find Jai and the team at Midas and to partner with them for more than 3 years. Midas offered the exceptional tools and resources to support my project and understood the requirements and long-term goals of my business. We're happy to continue our business and with custom development services offered by Midas.

    Bruce D Campbell Web Producer at Mauka Makai Web Services
  • After thinking outside the box and creating an original template for a series of interconnected websites,, Midas took over a very complex website that required intricate tracking mechanisms for sales from another IT team. Within six weeks a beta version for was deployed.

    Carey S. Buttfield Managing Partner at CrunchTime
  • We have worked with Jai and his efficient MIDAS team on several projects. The team is reliable, dedicated and produces quality work, and doesn't complain too much when we ask for changes

    Pat Bensky Managing Director at Tenthmatrix Information Systems Ltd.
  • Our business partner Midas has always gone beyond the usual and typical to ensure that any project I hand over is managed perfectly; hence ensuring enduring quality and security. Thank you Jai and his team for the great help and services.

    Gregory PercifieldDueling Pianist at Felix and Fingers
  • Midas has been a valuable software development partner. We had many clients in need of some in-depth Internet-based technology offerings. The Midas team was able to provide the needed resources to develop the necessary functionality at a very reasonable price.

    Jim LidestriCEO Border City Media, Inc.