12 Ultimate Things to Include in your Website & 5 Things to Avoid

Expecting loads of visitors from your website for more business is not a new expectation every enterprise sets when they start venturing in the online platform. However, just having a website is not going to ensure your online success. Whether you are a startup business or a large scale enterprise, your website will require work and professional tactics to stand out among the hundreds and thousands of competitors that are out there. Turning your simple website into a professional one that has the potential to pull in visitors and expand the consumer base is what you aim to achieve through your web presence and that is why your website should be much more than just an online placeholder.


Modern consumer/user is tech-smart and aware of every new update in the industry and they are quick to tell the difference between an authentic and honest service provider from a hoax one. Since, present age is the era of internet, the consumer is reaching out to you through websites using their desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones. Below is a quick and useful checklist for your business website to make sure your site has all the key requirements to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

Midas is an IT company which is reputed for delivering Custom Web Development Services to its outsource partners present throughout the globe. You can learn more about the services on our service page of our site. Keep reading for the website checklist items you need to include in your site.

1. Professional Look and Feel (Aesthetics matter!): Give your website the professional and industry relevant feel for getting that first impression right. Often sloppy and plain looking websites easily prevent visitor from staying long on the site. Try customized development, that way your website will have the unique features and qualities which will stand out from the rest.

2. Private Domain Name: If you are investing in your website then it must be something you are serious about and hence it makes sense to invest a few extra dollars a month to get that private domain name and web host for your professional business site. Doing that gives your website the authentic name that your existing and future customers can rely on and trust for the services they want to buy.

3. Have a Secure website for your customers: If you have online credit card payments for services that you offer then you must ensure that your website meets the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS).

4. Domain Name that easy to Remember: Every other information that you put out on your website is a way to strengthen your relation with your customers, even if it is something as simple as your domain name. Go for a domain name which is definitely unique but also easy to remember. Mostly businesses prefer to use their business name for domain.

5. Search Engine Optimized Business Name: Search engines cannot index a business website from its logo image. Thus to make sure your website is easy to find through search engines, add your business name in text.

6. Business contact number in Click-to-call format: People are more comfortable with mobile devices these days and it is very much possible that they are using their smartphones to reach out to your business; so having a click-to-call service will be a quick and hassle-free way for your customers to contact you.

7. Contact Information on Website should be easy to locate: Besides search engines, your customers also need to have easy access to your business contact information as nobody has eons of time to rummage through your website’s every nook and corner to get one simple information. Make it visible, easy to see and prominent, so that user can find it when they need it.

8. At a Glance Information for your Visitor: Online means quick, means no time to wait, means you need to be very precise and accurate with your site and what it is trying to convey. Using proper images and succinct description you can make sure that the user coming to your website gets the idea of your business and what you do.

9. Make sure to highlight your business USP: It’s your site and thus don’t shy away to highlight what you are good at and how you are better than others. Your Unique Selling Point and how your business is a better and why your customer should choose you; these are some of the points that your site should be able to convey to the consumer.

10. Include your customer testimonials: Your new customers will need to know if they can trust you with their money and time and having customer testimonials is a great way to tell how reliable your business is.

11. Keep site updated and content fresh: Your website should certainly focus on customers and how they can benefit from your services and one great way to influence them in a positive way is by keeping your website in good shape with right content that would interest the visitor. It will also improve your website traffic by improving search engine ranking.

12. Connect with Social Media: Social media is a huge platform that connects business to customers besides being a social platform for interaction. Make sure you take advantage of this channel by placing social sharing buttons on your website to enhance your business reach and improve connectivity.

Now, let’s check out few things your website should not include to keep it more on the professional side:

1. Avoid too many bells and whistles on your website, it will make your site look congested and highly unprofessional.

2. Do not use flash animation, fancy cursor, music etc. as such features will not just slow down your website loading time but probably also irritate your visitor.

3. Don’t add images without Alt Tags or text captions. Sole purpose of your website is to be useful for the target customer and that is possible if the site ranks on the search engines and for that you need to have texts that search engines can read and that is why you need Alt tags for your images.

4. Do not include dead links to your website: A customer will be anything but pleased to click a link and find themselves on an error page or dead link as it will a waste of time and effort. Keep your website frequently assessed for any dead links.

5. Don’t make your visitor go through a long list of continuous scroll for services they need to find. Make perfect use of smart navigation and categorize the items accordingly to make it easier for the user to find the service they are looking for.


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