6 Smashing Facts About Web Design You Must Know

“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.”-Jared Spool

The modern consumer is the internet age user/buyer/audience and even if you get new avenues to connect with them, it has turned into an ordeal to pique their interest. Your website weighs a lot in terms of winning potential customers over and bringing in more business.


While every day thousands of websites go live, there are only a few that actually comply with the industry challenges and requirements. To sustain in the online market, you must bolster your every business component to contribute to the overall change and progress of the enterprise.

A smart website for business has huge potential to enhance the business presence and thus rope in more customers and clients. Midas builds stellar websites for your business to offer robust and scalable solutions that not just meet the market expectations but also enable you to inspire your customers to learn more about your services and products.

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Through this blog post we would like to shed some light on elements and facts pertaining to website designs and how they can drive your business in the right direction of success and market exposure. So, let’s get right into it:

1. How Attentive Is Internet User Really?

While your attention is all set on building an engaging website, do consider the fact that an internet user has a limited attention span. The Internet is quite a convenient conduit to explore and browse for services that we need or gets our attention. However, with convenience comes the challenge of short attention span. Yes, it takes not 12 but just 8 seconds for a user to get bored and move on to the next website if they are unsure about the current site that they are going through. A potential customer leaving your website is not a good sign for your business. Design factor does matter when it comes to reducing the bounce rate.

2. More Than 66% Of Web Users Are Mobile Users:

Making your website accessible to web users would include both desktop and mobile ones. Taking into account the fact that mobile users are on the rise and thus unveils the interesting point that your website should also be able to meet the expectations of the mobile consumers. A versatile design and user experience with advanced features will certainly reinforce your overall online presence.

3. Easy To Skim Through And Peruse Design And Content:

Website design experts do believe that incredible websites have appropriate and neat distribution of content which is complemented by the design elements of the website. The aim is to develop a website that serves the genuine human user and thus utilizing the design elements to adjust the content and making it simpler and easier to read.

4. Off-The-Shelf Designs Can Be Counterproductive:

To meet the long-term goals of your business you will have to contemplate and take into account the economic and social factors that motivate the next big trend in the market of the online industry and accordingly develop a website that serves the purpose. It would be futile to believe that one-size-fits-all and to actually survive the challenges you need to stand out and thus custom developed and designed websites are your best shot.

5. Site Menu Is The Focal Point For Website Navigation:

A majority of guest users who are visiting the site through a referral site are most likely to check out the site menu and thus it can be a deal breaker if the navigational menu is not up to the mark.

6. Video Content Have A Huge Impact on The Guest User:

YouTube has certainly enhanced the trend of user engagement using video content. Users are impacted by the video content and are more likely to pick a video content over written if convenient. Thus, video content can also be utilized on the website to demonstrate and present your services and product.


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