How Your Website Design Can Contribute To Search Engine Optimization?


As much complex and diverse web is, so should be our understanding of it. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), don’t we just focus on topics pertaining to “keywords”. However, SEO is much more than that, and today we are going to unravel that to you. Why not take the website for instance; now you would think what about it! Well, the website design and site SEO are kind of interlinked and can influence the overall performance of the website on various search engines.

The most common mistake and pitfall that business owners fail to catch are choosing low-cost services that don’t just damage the overall presentation of your website but also make it look less competitive and persuasive as compared to your competition websites. Poor design quality can only so much do good for your business. Another point to take into account is that SEO is something that comes into the web design process from the start and not to be taken as an icing that can be added later.

When working on a digital platform, your website becomes the quintessential and single most effective asset in bringing in more business. The largest traffic source for any website is always the organic search and yes that’s where search engine optimization comes in. For extensive businesses running online, it is very important to incorporate all the factors that can enrich the search engine optimization of any website.

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To dig deeper on how exactly a website design can make a change to the fact where your website will rank on search engine results or SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), keep reading:



Website navigation is the term that we are looking for here. How effortless and flawless your website navigation is will determine how high the site will rank on SERP. The search engine crawlers should find it feasible to navigate through your website seamlessly. Not to forget, the search engines can acknowledge how well-organized your website is and if it is optimized as per the search engine algorithms. To ensure smooth navigation Google directs users to your website by providing site links under your URL (main search result) in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

In order to thrive in this mobile age you just cannot ignore the responsive website design and related services that can be utilized to generate better results for your business online. A responsive design will be quick to load despite the device type and that means delivering seamless navigation and user experience to the customer at all times. Happy user means more traffic and that means good reputation building and that would certainly benefit the search engine ranking for your website.

However, on the flip side, if you own a website that has some messed up functions, like images fail to load on time or site has poor user experience on a mobile device, the bounce rate of the site is bound to increase and that will lower the ranking on search engines. So, when investing in website design, take the right approach which means going for responsive design that quickly loads on all browsers.


While the use of desktop and laptops is not obsolete but users are more comfortable searching the internet using mobile devices and that gives us other factors to understand when planning for the website design and development, that is, to go for mobile-friendly web development. When planning for the site optimization for search engines, you cannot miss the website layout and navigation for mobile devices. Google gives an edge to the websites on search engines that have responsive mobile design.


Website internal linking will also decide how your website will perform on user-experience and if the user is able to gather relevant information without getting lost in the website. To cut to the chase, smart internal linking will boost your website’s user-friendly points and will benefit the search engine optimization of your site. Terrific internal linking means easy to index pages on search engines and that means improving the website SEO.

Another factor that will take your website higher on the search engine ranking would be good content. Make sure your user getting the real and original content on your website and are willing to spend time on your website that will naturally site traffic and search engine will take that as a good enough reason to make your website more visible on the search engine results.

Besides updating and adding fresh content to your website, you should also keep an eye on changing search engine algorithms to do the needful. To fetch the maximum positive results, make sure to update your site according to the market standards. Web developers must not forget that website ranking is essential and when building a website, every decision made should also include factors that will help in improving site ranking on search engines. When coding avoids using HTML from word processors as search engines are unable to read it and sans website code the site ranking will be affected on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is an indelible part of your website identity and thus planning for site SEO is as essential as it is the website design in all sense. We hope you get the gist of it and plan for your online business accordingly. For any further information and quick consultation Feel Free To Reach Out To Us Today. You can give us a call right away and find out how to hire the best for custom web development services from our Delhi based company.