6 Reasons Why You Need To Convert Your Website Into A Mobile App 2023

“End users not technologies shape the market. Consequently, marketers need to stay abreast not only of technological developments but also of the way people respond to them.”


The change could be unsettling, more so when you already have a plan/routine in place. However, change brings the potential to progress and get better. Your website could be working just fine for your business but you must look out for opportunities that are better than just fine.

More than one third of small businesses have already adapted to the change and have included mobile applications in their businesses. It’s time for you to leverage the benefits of having a mobile app for your business.

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Why Do You Need A Mobile Application For Your Business?

1. Mobile Apps & Convenient Access:

If you have used an app and a website then you can compare and understand that out of the two, mobile apps are much easier to use and navigate.

Another data you want to consider is that mobile consumers spend more than 82% of their time surfing mobile apps. Yes! Evidently, the numbers don’t lie!

If a user is comfortable with the app, you provide them with the app and by doing so you are removing barriers between your target audience and the business.

Another interesting thing to notice is that for apps the user just has to install it and it will stay on their mobile (ready to be accessed anytime), but for the website, the user has to visit the webpages.

The whole rigmarole of visiting a website will include using a search engine, typing in the site’s address, and then reaching the site. A lot of effort on the user’s part here just to access some web pages.

2. Mobile Apps & Mobile-Friendly Interface:

Any bad experience that your potential buyer or target user can have on your business app or website is something you need to be aware of; as it is a good enough reason for a user to stop engaging with your business app or site. Is your site suitable for mobile device users?

A mobile app will ensure the user coming to your business gets a positive experience engaging with your business.

You can either build a mobile from scratch or you can check for the pain points on your existing website that are keeping your site from providing a more seamless, user-friendly experience to mobile users.

3. Mobile Apps & Push Notifications:

If you own an eCommerce business then you have no reason to avoid building a mobile app for your business. Push notifications are one of the most efficient ways to stay in touch with your buyers and users.

Push notifications on mobile apps will keep your buyers informed when you have new offers, products, new sales going on, or any business relevant news that you want to convey them as soon as possible.

The best thing about this feature on the mobile app is that the user doesn’t even have to open the app to get the notifications.

You can also monitor the user activity and how they engage with your business and services and accordingly curate more user-centric offers that match their area of interest.

4. Mobile Apps & Integrations:

Another factor that gives your mobile app an edge over the site is that various functions on your phone that can easily be accessed through a mobile app which is not possible with web browsers.

You enhance your customer’s user experience by making it more immersive by combining your mobile application with browser data, camera functions, GPS functionalities, etc.

Apps can also utilize the phone’s notification and security functions to deliver a better experience and high-end service to the target user.

5. Mobile Apps & Personalized Experience:

Offering a personalized experience to your online user/buyer will connect them better to your brand/business and they are more likely to purchase again from you.

Mobile apps are quite efficient in curating personalized experiences for their users. You gain the trust, attention, and time of your user when you provide them with relevant options that match their area of interest.

It is possible to deliver real-time product recommendations to your mobile app users when they are buying from you.

You can analyze the data you get on your customers’ behavior patterns, geography, interest, etc., and utilize it to improve your services and reach the target audience with appropriate offers and product recommendations.

6. Mobile Apps & Offline Functionality:

Another reason to build a mobile app for your business is to remove the risk of no connectivity.

There can be various reasons behind losing an internet connection or having a weak connectivity; in such a scenario, it is unlikely to access a website.

However, you can build a mobile application with a set of important functions that can be easily accessed with or without internet connectivity.

For instance, Google Docs allows the user to modify the document offline and once the internet connection is back, the changes are transferred to the cloud.


These were some of the reasons to transform your website into a mobile app. If you need any technical assistance or professional consultation on refurbishing your website or for custom web and app development services from delhi You Can Reach Out To Midas Right Away! Stay tuned to our blog updates as we will discuss more about mobile apps in the upcoming topics.