8 Reasons Why You Are Struggling With Your Business Website

“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.” – Dr. Christopher Dayagdag


It is never too late to turn around a situation and in this case, we are talking about your website. Your website is certainly a valuable asset for your growing business online and it contributes in many ways to establishing your brand name and the authenticity of your business.

However, a poorly managed site has little to offer in return. You need to make sure that your site is developed to match the industry standards and that it doesn’t lack in ways that can hamper the growth of your business online.

In this blog, we will discuss eight simple reasons why you are struggling with your site and gain any tangible result for your business (whether it be traffic, proper user engagement, conversion, or sales).

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8 Reasons Behind A Poorly Performing Website:

1. Lack Of Or Poor Search Engine Optimization:

One of the major issues that businesses may face with their websites is the lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation.

SEO is a complex process that involves optimizing your website and webpage content for search engines such as Google. Without proper SEO, your website may not rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

This means that your website may not be visible to potential customers who are searching for products or services related to your business online.

It’s important to note that SEO is an ongoing process, and you need to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in order to maintain and improve your website’s ranking on SERPs.

So, if you want to ensure that your website is visible online and that potential customers can find you easily, make sure to implement SEO strategies and optimize your website for search engines.

2. Obsolete Design/Layout:

One of the key elements in establishing a formidable online presence is the design of your website.

If its look and feel are outdated, it can potentially convey to prospective customers that your business is archaic or untrustworthy.

Thus, it’s imperative that your website’s design is current and contemporary, aligning itself with the values and style of your brand.

3. Site Not Mobile-Friendly:

In this day and age, you cannot skip or ignore mobile and its relevance in the market.

Individuals increasingly rely on their smartphones to access the internet, making it paramount for websites to be optimized & improved for mobile devices as well.

Neglecting to do so could result in a significant decrease in the potential audience your website could attract.

Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive to different screen sizes to avoid missing out on the chance to engage with a larger audience.

4. Lack of Quality Content:

One of the fundamental roles a website plays is providing quality content/information (it could be a blog post, image, or video) to its audience.

Sans high-quality, informative, and engaging content it could be a struggle to engage with your users. Visitors are prone to stray away from a website that offers little added value for their time.

Your website should deliver useful information, and addressing problems submitted/asked by visitors is very crucial in building a solid relationship with your potential buyers.

By providing valuable content, you stand a greater chance of retaining visitors that will keep coming back for more.

5. Poor CTA Strategy:

A successful website needs to have clear and effective calls-to-action (CTAs) that lead visitors to take desired actions.

This call-to-action can be anything from contacting your business, making a purchase, to filling out a form.

A poorly executed CTA strategy will lead to confusion on the visitor’s end, resulting in lost conversions. Ensure that your website has prominent and intelligently placed CTAs to avoid losing out on potential conversions.

6. Site & Technical Issues:

Another reason your site is performing poorly is due to the technical issues in your website that can have a significant impact on its performance and user experience.

Issues such as broken links, slow page load times, and errors are detrimental to site performance and can discourage visitors from revisiting the website.

Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the website undergoes regular maintenance and that any technical issues are promptly addressed to provide a seamless experience for visitors.

7. Poor User Experience & Site Performance:

Poor user experience can affect your site’s performance.

If a visitor faces difficulty navigating your site, or finding the right content/information, or struggles with an unresponsive site on a mobile device; it all can lead to losing potential customers.

You can expect a high bounce rate for such websites and that means not getting the desired results (conversion, sales, and engagement).

Therefore, it is essential to design a website that is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing visitors to navigate with ease and find the information they need quickly.

8. Inactive Site:

The last point on the list would be using an inactive site and hoping for the best results.

Site maintenance is a real thing and it is not a luxury or option but an important need for your site management.

You need regular maintenance of the website to ensure it is serving your business and customers.

Check for broken links on your site and get them fixed, update your site with business relevant content regularly, and keep your business software and plugins up-to-date.

Ignoring these maintenance factors can lead to loss of traffic, a drop in customer engagement and finally thwarting business reputation online.


These were some key pointers to understand where the problem lies in terms of your website not meeting your business goals. If you are looking for a professional assessment of your site and opinion to help you with optimizing your site performance then Midas Is Just A Call Away!

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