Top 4 Ways To Optimize For Mobile-First Indexing

If you have been following our blog, you already know that we have put a lot of emphasis on factoring in the impact of mobile traffic in your digital presence and accordingly plan for your websites. The latest statistics tell us that more than 50 percent of online traffic is coming right from mobile devices.


In this blog, we will discuss about mobile-first indexing and how you can utilize this feature for improving your business presence online. Midas can boost your sales by improving your digital materials (such as websites and applications) and optimizing them to suit the online audience (mobile audience included!).

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This digital age is already dominated by the mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and therefore you will have to optimize your websites to reach out to these audiences in order to stay in the demand. This mobile prominence is so much apparent for the digital industry that big names like Google have already switched to mobile-first indexing.

What Is Google Indexing And Why It Is Important To Know About It?

Google maintains this index of relevant sites and web pages on the basis of the value they offer to a user. Google’s web crawler called Googlebot will analyze your site and pages for content and index it on Google which will be visible on Google search results.

What Is Mobile-First Indexing?

In simple terms, mobile-first indexing means that Google will prioritize mobile formats over desktop ones when indexing a website. With evolving mobile usage and increasing mobile search traffic, Google also had to make a change to its indexing tactic.

With that being said, it certainly means that your website will not rank high on a search result if it is only suitable for the desktop version and not the mobile one.

Best Ways To Optimize For Mobile Ranking

Now, to achieve a better result for your site visibility it is important and essential to creating a mobile-friendly website. We are going to share some tactics to optimize your website that way it can rank higher on search results.

1. A Responsive Design Is A Must:

Start your site optimization by implementing a responsive design. A responsive design will adjust your website content to the screen size of your user (whether it is desktop or mobile).

For instance, below are the two different arrangements of the same content for different screen sizes.


It is better to work on a single website with responsive design rather than creating two separate sites (one mobile and another desktop one) as you will not face issues such as different URLs or duplicate content.

2. Make Sure To Optimize Page Speed:

Another factor that you must consider when optimizing your site for mobile-first indexing is the page speed.

Sites loading within 3 seconds or less are considered better performing than the ones that take longer to load. You can use the Google PageSpeed tool to get your performance result.

Some of the things you can do to get a Better Performing Site that loads quickly are:

  • Cache your web pages
  • Limit the redirects
  • Compress the site images
  • Minimization of code

3. Prioritize Mobile Presence:

If you have separate desktop and mobile websites that doesn’t mean you are catering enough focus on your mobile site.

Many businesses make the mistake of creating two different versions of websites and not resolving the problem where the mobile site has only a few sections of content that is available on the desktop website.

Since Google indexes the mobile websites first, that means all the important content that is only visible or available on desktop site is actually non-existent as it will never rank on search results. Prioritize mobile parity to ensure your site and valuable content rank on the search results.

4. Test For Mobile-Friendliness:

Once you have created a mobile-friendly website you must run some tests to check whether it is compatible with the market and if it has the potential to rank better on search engines. Google offers you tools and tests to check the mobile-friendliness of your website. You can further optimize and refine your website according to the feedback you receive on your test results.


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