30 Most Anticipated Website Design Trends For 2023…Part II

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.” – Cameron Moll


In the last blog, we discussed some of the main web design trends that you must give heed to for the coming year! In this blog, we will continue with our list and without further ado let’s check out the next top ten on the list. If you haven’t checked the previous blog on this series, go ahead and read it first!

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Top Web Design Trends That Will Be In Demand In 2023:

11. Web Interactivity & Website Design Trend:

This is another trend worth considering because it directly influences user experience on your website. Web interactivity means including elements to your website that users can actively engage with.

For instance, if you have a real estate website and you have included a mortgage calculator on your website.

This way not only it will help the user to get their calculations done on the spot, but you are also going to learn about your target audience on the basis of the data you collect when they use the calculator.

Some other elements that you can use to increase web interactivity on your website are contests, surveys & polls, and quizzes (and similar assessments).

12. Web VR & Website Design Trend:

VR for website design is in demand and it will continue to be, as you get the opportunity to offer an immersive experience to your user.

Successful online business websites such as IKEA and Airbnb are already using it to make sure their customer gets the best virtual experience of the product or service they are planning to purchase.

13. Microinteractions & Website Design Trends:

Small interaction moments in your website design that allows your user to interact/engage with your design are called micro interaction.

The goal of micro interaction is to make the user experience exceptional, interesting, easy, functional, fun, and valuable to their navigational journey.

For instance, how scrolling down a page changes the color gradient which not just adds aesthetics to the page, it also makes content stand out and gets the attention of the user.

You get the opportunity to create a delightful and user-friendly design with micro interactions.

14. Art Deco & Website Design Trends:

This design style that originated in the year the 1920s and ‘30s is basically a blend of luxe, decorative, and bold geometric shapes which is retro yet quite distinguished and aesthetically pleasing.

This is another website design trend that will stay in demand in the coming year as well.

15. Micro Animations & Website Design Trends:

When exploring and navigating through your website, micro animations can be a powerful addition to your website to make sure your user gets relevant direction or guidance to help them reach their goal.

Micro animations are in demand for a while now as this design element can improve user experience.

If you have an eCommerce website, micro animations can add a fun element to the site design along with making the shopping experience quite hassle-free for the customer.

16. Organic Shapes & Website Design Trends:

As the name suggests, organic shapes can transform the design to look real and natural.

Using this design for the website would mean working with a style of design that has a hint of organic elements such as fabrics, textures, and materials that have a natural appeal to them.

Another factor is that organic shapes are irregular and imperfect this element can be used to distinguish one section of the page from the other.

17. Thumb-friendly Navigation & Website Design Trend:

A navigation that is possible using the power and reach of thumb is all that means when it comes to thumb-friendly navigation design.

When using a phone, the user might not want to engage all of his fingers when scrolling through the website or app.

Your website’s navigational design should be carefully structured in such a fashion that the whole or most of the site can be navigated just using a thumb.

This is taking smartphone-friendly design to a next level of comfort which is user-oriented as well. Pinch, tap, zoom, double tap, tilt, etc. are some of the gestures that can be done using just your thumb or at most a thumb and a finger.

18. Smart Video & Web Design Trend:

Visual content is more accessible to consume than reading content.

That being said, using video in your website design can actually simplify your engagement with users or visitors by showing them your services and products without making them read a mile long service page.

Make sure to use a high quality and business relevant video that is placed in the right place to provide value to the user.

19. Material Design & Web Design Trend:

This design language has been in trend since 2014 (when introduced by Google) for it gives your website design a more realistic feel to it rather than a flat appearance.

It adds coherence and unity to your design elements. You can expect this design style to trend in 2023!

20. Text-Only Heroes & Web Design Trend:

This is another design idea that is going to trend in the coming year! The idea behind this trend is to catch the attention of the user as soon as they land on your website page.

The hero section of the page (which is above the fold) will have text-only meaning rather than using an image you use typography on this part to capture the attention of your visitor.

You can mix and match using bold typography or unique font to send across a message to your readers/viewers/visitors on your site.


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