Image Optimization To Rank Your Website On Visual Search Results 2023…Part I

Does it ever surprise you how the internet and web have evolved rather than transformed within a decade or so? We used to search for the information by typing in the relevant keywords (which we still use!), but now we also have voice and image search options.


You have multiple ways to reach your desired goal/information and it is also quick and easy. In this blog series, we are going to discuss about image optimization and how it can improve your chances to rank your site/products on visual search results.

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Topics That Will Be Covered In This Blog:

1. Visual Search & Search Engines

2. Leading Visual Search Providers

3. Image Optimization

4. Image Search vs. Visual Search

5. Websites and Visual Search Optimization

6. Best Tips For Image Optimization

7. Importance & Relevance Of Image Optimization

8. Image SEO

9. Conclusion

1. Visual Search & Search Engines:

Talking about organic traffic, images do contribute to bringing in organic traffic apart from text content and video content. Businesses that are product based can leverage image optimization for gaining attention from the potential buyers online. Visual elements such as images and videos do keep users engaged with your page and that improves the chances of conversion.

Visual search is not that new in the market as the data shows that there are currently 8 billion Google lens searches that are being done every month. This number is only going to increase in near future. Using visual search you can upload as well as capture an image and get the related search results in real time.

2. Leading Visual Search Providers:

Visual search has become more accessible with top visual search providers already supporting it to offer improved and enhanced online surfing and shopping experience for users.

This has certainly encouraged businesses to incorporate image optimization in their SEO and site optimization strategy to ensure that potential customers interact, engage, and buy from them.

Some of the known platforms that are already using visual search are listed below. You can learn about these platforms to meet their requirements and subsequently optimize your site to rank for visual results.

1. Pinterest Lens:

Introduced in 2017, Pinterest Lens receives more than 600 million searches every month. People can search, save and shop for products/items using Pinterest. The platform has tie-ups with various coveted retailers, home décor brands, and fashion labels. The visual information helps the users to make an informed purchasing decision.

2. Bing Visual Search:

The technical process behind this visual search offers information about the objects which looks similar to the binge search engine.


Bing visual search results will show item descriptions, available price information, and related images. Bing is well-liked by developers for it allows developers to suggest relevant images pertaining to the searched item.

3. Snapchat Camera Search:

Snapchat introduced a camera search in 2018, which allowed all the people to search for items/products on an eCommerce platform like Amazon using it. You can use the Snapchat camera to scan a barcode and it will take you to the item available on Amazon. Snapchat also has the various AR features in its camera.

4. Amazon StyleSnap:

Amazon has also introduced its visual search app in 2019 and it has certainly notched up the competition among other visual search apps and lenses that are already present in the market. Amazon has tied up with Instagram to offer an integrated and seamless shopping experience to its users.


StyleSnap can be used to find products and further information related to them on Amazon mobile application. You can upload an image to get search results of different related items that are available on Amazon.

5. Google Lens:

You thought Google didn’t have a visual search option, didn’t you?! Actually, Google had launched its visual search lens in the year 2017 and called it Google lens. It is already one of the most used visual search lenses.


Google lens is already known as the only lens in the market with the highest recognition accuracy.

3. Image Optimization:

Optimization of web images is the process to deliver and publish high-quality images with the right size, format, and resolution. There are various methods that can be implemented to optimize images (such as using tools etc.). Optimized images to meet the search engine and social media guidelines and recommendations will enhance your chances to appear on top of search results.

4. Image Search Vs. Visual Search:

Visual and image search might sound the same but they are not; thus require different practices to ensure you offer the best search experience to your target users and thereby making it easier for them to find your products online.

1. Image Search SEO:

When the user types in a search query, the image search prioritizes the images based on that query. Some of the optimization practices you can adopt to improve image search ranking:

• Alt text

• Alt tags

• Modern file formats

• Schema markup

• Relevant file name

Here is Google’s image search result for the query ‘white t-shirt’:


2. Visual Search SEO:

In this search, a user uses the image as a query. You can click a picture of an item that you want to search for online, say a white T-shirt, and the visual search will show relevant results.


Since you are sending a query in the form of an image, it is much easier for the search engine to find relevant and sometimes, the exact item that you are interested in.


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