Website Design and 7 Common Mistakes To Not Make In 2020…Part II

“Your website is the center of your digital eco-system, as a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception, they have of you before they walk through the door.”― Leland Dieno

As we are living in the prominence of computer age where digital presence has a lot to do with your identity, so it is actually right to say that any business that is basically aiming to establish and expand can gain needed recognition, customer trust if they can leverage this opportunity of digitization. In the last blog we discussed how your first step to digital presence is having a website and it is not an expendable component of your business if we are taking the digital presence into consideration.


For a website to perform suitably so that it meets and accomplishes the business needs it is a good enough reason to build a robust and high-functioning website. Since designing can impact the user experience on your website therefore it is best to avoid the pitfalls of website design that can make your business website look less professional and customer-friendly.

In the last blog post, we started with 7 common mistakes that businesses generally do when designing a website and through this post, we will be covering the last four points which are pitfalls related to SEO, contact info, loading time, and is mobile-friendly.

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4. Inept and Weak SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

One of the powerful acquisitions for your website would be SEO and for that to work effectively you need to have your website design and development in the right place and order. Through impactful and quality content we can build the organic traffic for the website which in turn gets your site ranking higher.

Good designing that blends and integrates with the content system will help you achieve desired results for your business website. However, bear in mind the fact that SEO is a long-term plan and one should not expect the magic to happen overnight. You will have to be patient with your SEO tactics and ensure you are adhering to the rules of the search engine you are aiming for. Here are a few details on SEO that might come handy when planning your SEO strategy for the website:

• Pay Attention To Long-Tail Keywords: Through long-tail keywords, we can successfully zero in on keywords that a user is most likely to type to find certain information. It is less cumbersome to gain leads through these types of keywords as compared to short ones.

• Addition of Quality Content To The Site: Regular addition of fresh content to your website will keep the site alive, interesting, and help in user engagement which is a huge advantage for the brand and business.

• Strengthening Connection Through Social Engagement: A very good way to build your clientele and ensure your brand name reaches out to the millions out there is through social engagement. These channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) can bring in a lot of valuable leads and traffic for your website.

5. Hard To Locate Contact Information:

The purpose of having a website is to make your business accessible to the clients and customers. They should be able to reach out to you without any hassle. When a website fails to put together these little but crucial features/details, you can say that the design is a total muck-up.

Make sure the website has contact information (phone number) on the header, footer as well as on the Contact Us page. Adding a CTA (Call to Action) button next to the contact number will make it easier for the consumer to directly reach out to you/business.

Contact us page is a good way to ensure the user that they can reach out to the business without further delay. Design your site in such a way that the user doesn’t have to go through a lot of clicks to find the Contact us page.

6. Slacking Website Loading Speed:

One way to come in the bad books of your target user is by not working on your website loading speed. A slow loading website sure kills time and interest of the user and which most certainly won’t work in your favor.

Any website that takes more than 3 seconds to load is something you don’t want to offer your potential consumers. Website designing and SEO tactics together can do the little magic to enhance your website loading speed which will help you stay in the game.

Make it a priority to have the right design elements and website optimization for your website to make it swift and nimble in functioning.

7. Poor Mobile Website Experience:

You might face dire consequences in the sense of losing a huge percentage of mobile consumers if your website doesn’t perform well on mobile devices. A study has proved that almost 40 percent of consumers/users have ditched the target website because of poor mobile experience. Your competitors might get an edge if you are not improving the mobile website experience of a business for your potential consumers.

Build long lasting relations with your loyal customers and create lasting impressions by making your website mobile-friendly. More than 67 percent of users are more comfortable buying when they are doing it through mobile and that means your business site not being mobile-friendly will detriment your conversion rate.


Your website can make a huge difference in terms of generating relevant leads, bringing in better business prospects, and building clientele, if you have your website, is designed and developed to outlive the cut-throat competition.

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