30 Most Anticipated Website Design Trends For 2023…Part III

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs


We have reached the final part of our ongoing blog series on the most coveted website design trends for the upcoming year of 2023. In the last two parts we had discussed trends such as parallax scrolling, the loading speed of the site, animated cursors, personalized content, integrated CRM, clean CSS, voice activated interface, micro-interactions, thumb-friendly navigation, art deco, and interactivity, etc. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can go through it first.

In this last part we will continue with our list and without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

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30 Latest Web Design Trends That Will Be In Demand In 2023:

21. Full-Page Headers & Website Design Trend:

Since visitors are more likely to check out your top-left section of the page, it makes sense to design your header section interesting enough to get them to press on that call-to-action button.

Full-page headers will stay in demand in 2023 and you can leverage this trend by using graphic design, catchy content/text, and your CTA button on this part of the page.

22. Custom Illustrations & Website Design Trend:

It’s hard to lead in today’s competitive market with obsolete ideas and site design plans.

For instance, stock images are out of fashion now, as they are readily available and thus every fourth site has similar images and design plans.

To stand out in the crowd and establish your market presence, it is important to build your brand image.

Use customized images for your website to represent and connect with your customers and target audience.

23. Dark Mode & Website Design Trend:

Dark mode which is also known as “night mode”, “dark view” or “shadow mode” has gained quite a popularity over the years and it is going to stay in trend for the coming year as well.

Not only do users find it more comfortable for the eyes (due to less brightness) but they also find it aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

You can easily achieve an ultra-modern look for your design if you are opting this theme for your website.

24. White Space & Website Design Trend:

In your website design, white space (empty space) is the negative space which means it is the area or space within or around your site design elements (like text, logos, and images, etc.).

White space brings that balance to your site design and offers a very coherent appearance to your site which is the reader-friendly trait of a design.

25. Data Visualization & Website Design Trend:

Nobody enjoys going through raw data which are just numbers and hard to decode let alone engaging with customers.

Data visualization is a terrific way to improve your customer engagement by showcasing data in easy to understand formats such as interesting maps, radar pie charts, line & area charts, bar charts, bubble charts, and scatterplots.

Combining data and visual imagery can make your numbers look interesting and easy to grasp.

26. Full-Screen & Website Design Trend:

This is a grand gesture in terms of design to flaunt, present and interact with your audience.

In this design trend, you can consider your full home page as the hero section and thus grabbing the whole attention of your user once they land on this part of the site.

Use images, text, and colors to bring out the brand message and how your consumer can benefit from your services through the tactic of storytelling (which is easily possible in full-screen design).

27. Blending Photos & Graphic Elements:

Here’s another trend that you can use to turn your boring website design into an interesting one!

Mixing photographs with graphic elements can produce a vibrant effect for your website in terms of design and that can help you stand out from your competitors.

Along with impactful content, you can keep your visitor interested and engaged on your website.

28. Gradients & Website Design Trend:

The gradient is a gradual change in color from one to another and it is a beautiful element to use in your site design. You can create unique backgrounds with attention-grabbing color schemes.

Whether you use it to add texture to your illustration used or for adding that depth to your design, this trend is in demand already!

29. Interactive 3D Content & Website Design Trend:

3D is real-like, it is interesting and it can be used in website design to improve site engagement.

For instance, Apple’s hero section has 3D images of their latest smartphones. You can use 3D content on your site for a similar effect.

Unlike a 2D flat design a 3D effect helps your design to stand out and of course, get the attention of the visitor. You can offer a more immersive and 360 degree experience of your products and services to your customers.

A real-like element of the design can easily build that emotional connection with the user and thus making it seamless for them to experience the value you are going to provide them through your products and services.

30. Frosted Glass Effect & Website Design Trend:

This design trend for websites is an interesting combination of blur and transparency effect which looks like a frosted glass. In this technique, website designers creatively use Gaussian blur, transparency, and shadows.


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