Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends 2021…Part II

“Mobile is the enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis of human behavior.”- Tomi Ahonen


There is no doubt that mobile has made our life easier in many ways and that’s why it is possible to expect quick and easy access to information/services in this mobile age. Through this blog series, we are highlighting the latest mobile app trends that are going to be on top for the year 2021. Let’s get right into it.

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Below Are The Top 15 Mobile Application Development Trends 2021 That You Should Know:

5. Mobile Apps And Beacon Technology:

Beacon technology is among the emerging technologies that have already been adopted by diverse industries from hospitality to healthcare as well as retail and automobile.

This technology allows you to develop advanced mobile applications with progressive and sophisticated functions. Businesses have an array of options to choose from for their business operations and some of them being a standard beacon, portable beacon, USB beacon, AI beacon, sticker beacon, and dedicated beacon.

Improve your business engagement by sending relevant automatic push notifications related to business sales and product services using mobile app beacon. The beacon technology market has increased over the period and it is estimated that its market value will reach over $56 billion by 2026.

6. Mobile Commerce & Mobile App Development Trend:

Mobile commerce has shown ground-breaking popularity since 2019 and this trend is here to stay and thus it is important to mention in this list for 2021 mobile app trends. Mobile application is indeed a powerful tool and effective means to boost your business revenue.

Whether it is large scale retail businesses or it is individual digital entrepreneurs and content creators, mobile commerce is beneficial for every business type. We are actually reaching the age where it will be difficult to stay in the competition and driving quality sales for the business without developing your own mobile e-commerce application.

It is estimated that by 2021, a total of 82.9% of total online commerce sales will be coming from mobile devices.


Ecommerce business giants like Amazon are your competition whether you are a small scale or medium scale business and thus it is critical to stay updated and in the league.

7. Mobile App Trend & AI(Artificial Intelligence):

Progressive and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been in use for years. However, we are still finding new ways to leverage these sophisticated technologies to the fullest in our present age of mobile application development.

Today the AI is not limited just to virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri but it has gotten way beyond that for application development. Some of the AI features that can be introduced and incorporated into a mobile application include:

• Face detection feature
• Image recognition feature
• Speech recognition feature
• Predictive maintenance
• Text classification
• Image classification
• Sentiment recognition
• Sentiment classification

Artificial Intelligence can alleviate your application quality by enhancing performance, improving user engagement, and overall developing a smarter mobile application for your business.

8. Mobile Wallets & Mobile App Trends:

Since we have already stressed and emphasized on mobile commerce for mobile applications, we would also like to highlight another important trend related to it and that is mobile wallets.

People enjoy cashless shopping and purchasing freedom and thus mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paytm, and Samsung Pay, etc. are already popular among the consumers.

People are already comfortable using mobile applications to pay for the services online. The interesting thing to note is this trend is gaining attention and popularity and it is expected that by 2022 total transactions using mobile wallets will cross the $13 billion mark. Thus, mobile wallets must be considered when developing your business application.

9. AR (Augmented Reality) & Mobile App Trends:

Augmented Reality is trending this year as well and it is a good opportunity to include AR in your mobile application development. Various fortune500 to creative small scale businesses are incorporating various AR features to develop applications that can improve their user engagement and establish brand value in the market.

For instance, L’Oreal Paris has implemented AR features to their Style My Hair application and it lets the user to virtually try different hairdos, hairstyles, and hair colors and select which one works best for them.


Similar to Hair styling application, the company has also invested in a virtual makeup application using AR features to offer a realistic experience to the user on the virtual platform.

Another great example of an application using AR features would be Google Maps where you get the Live View feature.

This feature lets users to see every turn and direction of the map in real-time. Mobile apps with AR need to be explored further and if you can dig deeper into this technology you will get more creative ways to implement these features to boost your business sales and build your clientele.


So, this was our second part of our three blog series on mobile application development and the latest trends for 2021. Stay tuned to read our final post on this series next week. You can contact us anytime if you are aiming to build a smart website and looking for custom mobile application development services that could contribute to your business and help in increasing business sales. To Contact Us You Can Either Give Us A Call Or You Can Send Us An Email And We’ll Reach Out You As Soon As Possible. You can check out the service section of Midas to learn about our latest services that we have been catering to our worldwide clientele.