Transform Your 404 Error Page By Making It More User-Engaging

“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.”- Jared Spool

What is the Reason You Find a 404 Error Page?

You will often see the 404 error page when the page you are trying to access on the website ceases to exist or is not found on their web server. A 404 error code (from the server) is a response code that is categorized under the HTTP status codes.


There could be a couple of reasons why you came across the error page while navigating through the site:

• The page you are trying to access is removed from the server.

• If the page is moved to a different location without changing the URL then you will see the 404 error code.

• If the user has typed an incorrect URL then it is very likely they will see this error page.

In General, We can categorize 404 error pages into two types, one being the generic 404 and the other the custom 404. A custom 404 error page is better over generic because:

• It works in a way that it prevents user frustration by entertaining them.

• You can use this page to increase linking to other parts of your site.

• A smart custom 404 error page can even help you get conversion if done the right way!

By notching up your design tactics and combining it with creative and customer-centric 404 error page designs you can actually create more business opportunities.

Every hurdle can be transformed into a new path to success if you are optimistic enough and through this blog post, we are sharing 9 amazing ways to create your custom 404 error pages that can actually engage users in a positive way and improve your branding.

1. Be Sincere Yet Candid:


Above is a great way to sympathize with your user when they have typed a wrong URL and hit a dead end of a 404 error page. Being SORRY here would be being honest and helping them know that they have reached/landed on a wrong page and thus they can continue their search and navigation through the site by either returning to the homepage or going back to the previous page.

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2. Wit and Humor Can Lighten The Mood and User Will Not Be Frustrated By The Error Page:

If you don’t want your user to leave the site annoyed and frustrated because they reached a 404 error page then the best way to tackle is the use of humor. Put a smile on the face of your potential buyers by customizing your error page in a smart way!


Be uncanny and innovative in design style here. You can use eye-catching graphics along with a CTA button to not leave the user hanging there and help them get out of the “space” of the 404 error page.

3. Get Rid of Complexity By Keeping It Simple Yet Effective! :

Who says simply doesn’t work? It will if you know how to present it to your consumer.


Talking about 404 error pages, you can certainly resort to simple design and a message that doesn’t complicate things further but enlightens the user that they have reached an unfortunate blind alley.

4. Using The Right Emotions Can Influence The Customer in a Positive Sense:

Another good way to handle the 404 error page situation by working on the emotional element that is, being real and truthful with your user about the missing page.


You can actually convince and try to persuade your user to go back to the home page and continue with their unrestrained navigation.

5. An Impressive Representation Using ILLUSTRATION:

Mixing illustration with an interesting story piece will easily draw the attention of your user. You can use this tactic for your 404 error page and help them guide through it by placing a CTA button.


Make sure the user is not left uninformed for their next step as it will confuse them and they are more likely to ditch the website altogether.

6. Refrain From Overdoing And Exaggerating:

Do your market research about what is in trend and while coming up with a great design for your 404 error page be observant and make sure to not overdo with the message that can be off-putting in some sense and leave a bad impression of your brand.

7. Mix of Images and Color/Text Style Can Be Used To Create Interesting 404 Error Pages:

Using a peculiar style with a quirky image in a cohesive way is an unusual yet effective way to convey 404 error messages to your consumer/reader/user.


You can use contrasting colors and text sizes to custom design your 404 error page.

8. Theme Color For Your 404 Error Page:


It is recommended to go for a color that is similar to your brand theme color.

This way you are informing the user that they might have hit a roadblock but they are still in touch with the website/brand they were searching about (and they are not completely lost) so they can easily head back to the right page if they just click the CTA button or home page link.

9. Always Provide Your User With Good Options:

Do not leave the user hanging there (on a 404 error page) without any information on how to proceed further. By giving them clickable options such as home page, services or social media profiles, they actually get an actionable element on the error page that is not a bad thing and will actually assist the user to go to other sections of the website.


There is an array of options to create perfect and engaging 404 error pages for your business. Get creative with your ideas and how you can keep your user happy even in during unfortunate events of 404 error pages. Our designing team at Midas has created several websites and different landing pages from the scratch. If you are interested to know about our custom web development and design services then Give Us a Call or Drop An Email. Also, stay tuned to our blog section for more interesting topics and the latest information.