Top 11 Must-Have Features On Your E-Commerce Website

Acquiring loyal customers for your business is sure a tall order but the online market has certainly given every business a fair edge to gain that access and brand exposure. However, you cannot just hope that your business will get the undivided attention without putting in the effort in creating your online presence worth the consideration and recognition.


The E-commerce industry has rapidly evolved and the market has snowballed in the last half decade. It is believed that the total number of global e-commerce consumers/users is going to increase by 400 million in the current year. The number of e-commerce users across the globe increased by 9.5% despite the pandemic. This growth in the e-commerce industry is going to continue even in the year 2021.

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Through this blog post, we are going to make sure your e-commerce website succeeds in reaching out to the right audience and consumer demography.

Below Are 11 Key Features Of A Professionally Build E-Commerce Website:

1. E-Commerce Website & Mobile-Friendly Design:

The facts tell that majority of web traffic generated is coming from mobile devices and that means your e-commerce site has to be mobile-friendly and highly optimized for the mobile platform.

More than 60% of e-commerce consumers are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site and that’s your first green flag to invest in an e-commerce website that is thoroughly optimized for mobile users. Investing in responsive designs for your e-commerce website will ensure that every user reaching your site gets a premium user-experience.

2. E-Commerce Website & User-Friendly Navigation:

Just landing on your e-commerce site is not the final action we require from our target user, we want them to buy from us. A clumsy website with difficult user navigation will drive away your potential buyers. Keep your site design very clear and easy to surf and navigate through.


Every menu, every product category should be clearly mentioned in easy-to-detect locations.



It is important to provide your customer with a sorting option so that they can filter the product list on the basis of size, price, style, and other characteristics.

3. E-Commerce Website & Multiple Security Features:

E-Commerce means shopping and that means providing relevant personal information and purchasing services and that calls for top-tier security. You need to make sure that your website is secure and users’ personal data and transaction details are safe.


Some of the essential steps to improve your website security would include buying an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that enables and equips your website to transmit data in a secure manner. You can also add AVS (address verification system) and CVV (credit card verification value) at checkout.

4. Easy To Notice Shopping Cart & Checkout Buttons:

Simplify the buying process by making vital features easy to notice such as a shopping cart and the checkout buttons. You are more likely to encourage the conversion and the customer will complete the purchase of the site has “add to cart” and “check out” buttons prominently visible.


Make sure the user is able to see relevant details (such as the name of the product, price, quantity, etc.) of their cart items when they click the cart. Another feature would be the change of item quantity or deleting items directly from the cart. Users should also be able to save the cart for later purchases (in case they don’t want to buy right away).

5. E-Commerce Website & Multiple Payment Options:

You refine your customer’s buying experience when you provide them with multiple payment options. You will improve your site conversion rate by allowing popular payment options for your customers.


Besides credit cards, you can also consider accepting other payment options such as PayPal and Google Pay, etc.

6. E-Commerce Website & Use Of HD Photos And Videos:

The content might be a key to impress your user but the content is not limited to the textual element of the website but also visual elements and high-quality images and videos on your e-commerce website will grab the attention of target consumers.

These elements help in engaging the customer and improve purchasing decisions of your potential buyers. You also present your website in a professional light when using quality photos of your products and services.


For your e-commerce website, you can use multiple photos from different angles for the product along with the zoom-in option so that the user can assess the product to their heart’s content. However, make sure your site is optimized and the use of images and videos doesn’t slow it down.

7. Detailed & Clear Shipping And Return Information:

To boost your conversion rate, you can clearly mention the shipping and return policy of your services. Make the aforementioned information easy to understand and locate on the website. The footer section of your site is one of the common and easy to find locations for this type of important detail/information.

8. E-Commerce Site & Social Proof (Ratings, Reviews Etc.):

User ratings, reviews, testimonials are some of the key indicators of how your services are and an online user is not going to skip that. More than 70% of users first check out the reviews and ratings and only then complete their purchase online.

You can include user-generated reviews and ratings on your e-commerce website and also add review functionality into your site that will encourage users to purchase from your site. All these types of social proofs are an essential parts of creating brand value that is based on trust and building brand engagement.

9. E-Commerce Website & Item Availability:

Your aim is to make online shopping a hassle-free task for your consumer and another way to do so is to mention item availability. Meaning, in cases when items go out of stock, make sure that once the items restock its availability information is provided to the consumer.

10. E-Commerce Website & FAQ Page:

Another way to simplify your consumer’s buying experience by providing them with a well-written FAQ section/page. Many leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon use this feature and that makes sense. You can also update this section/page from time to time with more relevant information and queries.

11. E-Commerce Site & Contact Page:

In many cases, when the user is uncertain about the product and wants to learn more about it, it is possible they might want to contact you.

Creating a simple and easy to find contact page along with multiple contact options will send out a positive impression of your business and customer is more likely to trust your services. You can include contact information such as phone numbers, social media profiles, official email addresses, etc. For real-time service, you can also add chatbots to your site.


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