5 Benefits of Opting Lean UX Design For Your Site In 2023

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”


When we say lean UX, we are talking about the methodology and principles behind this type of UX process that makes it efficient and relevant to the competitive market of today. A lean UX designing style focuses on agile principles for creating seamless UX design and products.

In this approach, design teams iterate the design according to the user feedback they gather along the design process. This collaborative strategy works best as it minimizes the wasted time, and effort and improves the problem-solving competence of the team. In this blog, we will get to grips with the lean UX method and how this evolved approach to UX designing is going to take over the traditional UX design method.

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Lean UX vs. Traditional UX Design

Traditional or classic UX design approach focuses on deliverables depending on the assessment and user testing that is performed at the beginning of the project.

However, the lean UX design approach is creative and focuses on experience under design rather than just focusing on deliverables. An important objective in lean UX is to obtain feedback early on to improve and constantly modify the design in every iterative cycle until the final result is achieved.

While traditional UX is result oriented, the lean UX approach is learning-oriented and that makes it a prudent, less rigorous, and creative yet pragmatic approach to designing.

Lean UX and Their Benefits:

1. Cost-Effective Lean UX:

Project management plays a significant role in any project development and it also costs up to 20 percent of the cost of the project. A terribly managed project can have a negative impact which can influence the type of result you will achieve.

However, with the lean approach in design management, you can be assured as teams will focus on projects that are viable, attainable, and are critical for the organization. Every critical decision made in improving the design is verified over and over again and that helps in establishing a robust and stable foundation for the project.

Many projects don’t get to see the light of the day when there are important and critical changes to be made at the last moment of project development. It not only slows down the progress of the project but also comes with an extra financial burden.

Late changes in UX design can be fatal to the success rate of the project. It is better to invest time and money in data and evidence-based decisions to rectify the problem and find the right solution before it’s too late.

2. Increased Teamwork And Collaboration:

With a lean UX approach, you will experience that it requires more collaboration and cross-functional collaboration between the teams.

The Lean UX design approach asks for creating a system where professionals and experts from different disciplines come together to create superior designs and products.

With the variety of skills within a diverse set of teams, it becomes feasible to produce exceptional results. However, it is important that the development teams working through this approach have clear and strong collaboration and communication among them.

3. Lean UX Saves Time:

In this designing approach, you get rid of the development components (which are common in traditional or most design processes) that do not contribute to the development of the service or product. You simply dispose of any component that is not boosting the progress of the project.

In this methodology, there is no role of additional documentation or linear process of development and thus designers save their time using this approach. You can say the framework of lean UX is more like think then develop and then assess.

You focus on quick and swift fixes rather than first building a well-conceived product over a long period of time. Iteration is certainly the key factor in lean UX as you don’t wait for the project to complete to test it. Analysis and development are done simultaneously.

4. Lean UX And Feedback Process:

Lean UX is an action based approach to designing. You don’t spend half a day in a team meeting just to debate over an idea of design, rather you develop the first draft of the concept that you are planning to work on. Designers take client feedback to reassess the existing design concepts and possible approaches to improve them.

It is critical to understand that the valuable remark or feedback that you need to consider for further improvement is always going to come from your customers (as they are the end users or consumers). With lean UX you actually start creating rather than falling into an analysis paralysis loop.

5. Lean UX And User-Centered Design:

User-centered design or user-driven development is quite relevant to the concept of a lean UX designing approach. Like the user-centered design process, in the lean UX approach, the design team makes sure to take into consideration the need of the client (or user) at all times.

The whole development process (the iterations) includes the involvement of the user to ensure the product is refined and developed minding the client’s (user’s) needs and requirements. The Lean UX approach aims to provide transparent and clear solutions to the client to develop/design products that add value to the lives of the regular users.


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