Can Your Website Header Impress a Visitor Under 5 Seconds?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The quote fits right for a website. I mean never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression with your website. The first thing a user will notice about your website would be the header. Professional web designers are taking their web designing game to the whole new level to ensure site draws the attention and encourages visitor to learn more about the site and in turn more possibility of getting a conversion.


Although there is no rule of a thumb when it comes to formatting the perfect header, but it generally comprises of three elements:

• The logo of your brand or company
• Contact information
• Site navigation

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While following the same path like others will sure keep you from getting into unseen hurdles, but it will put your business at higher risk of being mundane and banal. Professional web designers representing the new age online industry are trying innovative concepts to design more appealing and user-friendly websites and header designs which impacts the overall presence of a website. Some of the creative concepts which are involved in creating the website header are as under:

Concept of minimalism and header design: a great way to make your brand voice loud and clear through your design is by prudent use of negative and blank spaces in header. This style gives more focused look to your page and grabs the attention of the visitor while giving an overall edgy aspect to the website.

Interactive and animated header design: Rather than compromising on heavy video clips and slow loading gifs on header space you can choose the JavaScript animation. These are gaining popularity for you don’t have to settle for slow loading site also great animation mean impressive presence.

Hand drawn header concept: Website designers are opting for unique and unusual header concept over boring usual ones. Using hand drawn or cartoon style graphics on the header space makes the upper portion of the website more creative and extraordinary. You can add animation to the cartoons in such as way that it shows movement/change in action on hovering mouse around it.

Themed header concept: Themed header style is quite in demand lately for the way they give seamless effect which gives the website a coherent and integrated look. If you are trying to transform your website presence and looking for good header design options then this one could be the one for you!

Adding offers to the header: It is a fantastic way to get your visitor’s attention for the latest items that are up for sale by adding the deal/offer to the header design. Better suited for ecommerce portals and websites where you have discount and sale deals on regular basis and what better way to encourage your visitor if not by adding the discount deals to the header section.

Unconventional header design: break the humdrum of site design and choose something different, eccentric and challenging, like using company logo in the centre and getting rid of the usual logo in the left and navigation links on the right. Let your brand stand tall and bold representing the authentic self through authentic design.

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