Top 4 Reasons Why Personalized Websites Are More Successful

As your market transforms (due to improved services, products, and technology, etc.) your strategies to engage with the consumer also transform. You no longer rely just on televised ads to reach out to your customers.


Not long ago, all we needed was a simple website with relevant services mentioned, and email, paid and search marketing took care of the rest for your online businesses. Talking about the current landscape of the internet, it is already overflowing and quite swarmed with new information, websites, and what not.

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Digital Landscape & High Cost of Customer Acquisition

In the present scenario, the cost of acquiring a new customer is high thus you need to optimize and iterate your site features and functionalities to configure it for the target audience.

Why do you need to go through all that hassle you ask? Well, the web already has almost 20 billion websites, and competition to get the attention of your desired customers is not slowing down.

You will have to put in the effort to understand what works for your business which will lead to acquiring and retaining the customers.

Website Personalization & Meeting User Expectations

Here comes the good news! Did you know that designing and building customer-centric websites that focus on providing a personalized user experience to every customer visiting your website, will improve the chances of conversion for your business? Well, now you know!

Website personalization is the term that refers to creating & put in place customized experiences for the website users. What site personalization does is that your website visitor will get a customized experience that matches their search requirements, expectations, and search inclinations.

Personalization allows you to offer a specific experience for your users’ specific requirements and not just a generic experience. Businesses use consented data acquired to create more personalized and individual web experiences for the users.

Factors such as geolocation, buying history, website activity, etc. can be put to use to create a customized experience for the user on their mobile apps, digital adverts, emails, and websites.

Personalization vs. Customization

In simple terms, customization is controlled by users, meaning they manually make changes to match their requirements. On the other hand, personalization is modifying site experience using consented customer data to fulfill individual user’s needs.

Personalization Customization
Controlled & modulated by the company Controlled & modulated by the user
Depends on data Depends on user choice
User effort is not required User effort required
E.g.: Specific recommendations & exclusive offers for the user E.g.: Chat rooms, email filters & dashboards


According to recent market studies, more than 90% of customers have more affinity toward companies and businesses that offer personalized experiences. That means increased website traffic, customer retention, and improved sales.

Here Are 4 Benefits You Will Have From A Personalized Website:

1. Relevant Product Recommendation & Retention Rate:

A user/customer is unlikely to buy from you if your website offers more generalized rather than relevant recommendations.

Based on the latest data, you can curate relevant and accurate product recommendations for your customers. This will help in improving other factors for your site’s success, which are, time spent on the website, enhancing retention rate, and building customer loyalty.

2. Improved Brand Personas & Understanding of Target Customers:

Enhancing user experience has a lot to do with understanding who the user is in the first place. It is impossible to provide a personalized experience to your customers if you don’t know what type of users come under your target audience.

Start with buyer personas and as you continue improving your website, you can collaborate with your data/IT team to fetch more details to get a clear understanding of your customers and how you can personalize your website for them.

Based on factors such as their geolocations, and their purchasing pattern (spent in the last five to six months) can be used to personalize the website for the target brand personas.

3. Increased Site Time & Conversion:

The modern user has a fleeting attention span and that doesn’t make things easier for the businesses running online, trying to capture the attention of their target consumers.

Time spent by a user on a website is an important performance metric to measure user engagement. By assessing your customer’s buying habits and recommending them similar items, products, and services for purchase.

It is likely to keep the customer interested in your site and that increases your site’s engagement rate. This can lead to conversion in the form of a CTA or landing page.

4. Personalized Website & CTA Conversions:

The most important benefit of a personalized website is getting better conversion rates. You will experience better results across CTAs and landing pages.

You will have to improve and organize your site as per the data you fetch on your users’ site experience and combine that with a well-crafted Call to Action that could lead to users reading your blogs, signing up for a free trial, or watching a demo video they wouldn’t have done if they hadn’t seen the CTA.

Successful companies leverage these opportunities to develop better and more personalized experiences for their customers to keep them hooked to their services, and site that eventually leads to acquiring customers or retaining them for the long haul.

Not to forget that website personalization is a time-consuming effort on your part which has a better chance of high ROI.


Very soon website personalization is not going to be an option anymore. It is very likely to become one of the deciding factors for consumers, whether they want to buy from you or not. Amazon is one of the leading brands and businesses that have already set their actions into plans when it comes to creating personalized website experiences for their users.

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