What Are The 7 Key Characteristics Of High-Converting Landing Pages?

You can successfully drive thousands of traffic to your website and still fail to get that meaningful conversion (it can be a purchase, form submission, or subscription for an email newsletter) for your website engages poorly with the potential consumer.

What we are really focusing on here is the landing page and its thorough optimization. Through this blog, we will discuss in detail about landing pages and how you can improve, enhance and boost your page engagement so that the traffic reaching your site converts visitors easily.


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Here Are 7 Key Elements Of Landing Pages To Boost Your Site Conversion:

1. You Need Robust And Stable Site Foundation:

Your website performs as the main foundation for any online engagement or business you are trying to build. Therefore, before discussing the factors that can influence conversion rate, it is important to understand that first you need to have a good website that is performing as per the industry standards.

Let’s talk about website optimization and what all you can keep an eye on to improve your site presence as it will ultimately affect the landing page and the traffic coming to the site and the possibility of conversion.

Website Content And SEO:

You will have to incorporate the best of SEO tactics to enrich your site with key elements that will contribute to boosting the site performance and hence offer better chances of conversion.

SEO-optimized content will include target keywords and relevant content on every section of the website that will speak directly to the user and offer them refined information without keeping them confused. The SEO-optimized site also ranks easily on search engines and that serves the purpose of getting better and quality traffic for your website.

Website With Quick-Loading Performance:

One factor that would definitely make or break a deal for your site is the loading speed. You don’t want a website that takes too long to load as it will impede the user experience on the website. It will be really difficult to keep a user interested even with a most well-organized and optimized website with targeted keywords if it has a snail-paced loading speed.

Mobile-Responsive Website:

It’s risky for a business to underestimate their mobile consumer and not optimizing the website to engage with them on the mobile platform. The mobile consumer is on the rise and the best way to gain excess to a larger domain of consumers is making sure you are available on every platform/medium and a mobile-responsive website is an answer for this one.

2. Strengthen Engagement With Multiple Contacts:

Your visitors and potential consumers will eventually want to know more about your services and that’s where multiple contacting options will work as a bridge between you two. Your website and landing page can have various contact options and some of them are as under:

Contact Form:

Adding a well-designed and optimized contact form on your landing pages will improve the chances of interested users contacting you further for the information and services.

Phone Number On Your Landing Page:

Place the contact number on your landing page in such a way that it is easy to locate.


Chat Bot Or Online Chat:

Another way to engage with your audience is through an online chat or chat bot. This way you can answer them and address their queries in real time.

3. Clear And Noticeable Call-To-Action Buttons:

Next in the factors that can influence buying experience and improve the conversion rate on a landing page is through the correct use of CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons. High-converting landing pages will always have clear and direct CTA buttons. Here are a few criteria that you must consider when placing your CTA on landing pages:

Placing CTA Above The Fold:

Online user has limited attention span when it comes to navigating through a website and that’s why businesses must design their site and landing pages accordingly. Placing your CTA above the fold on the landing page will ensure that the user notices the call-to-action button without going all the way down to the page. Meaning providing an actionable element to the user which doesn’t require scrolling.

Placing CTA Below The Fold:

In case you have long pages then you should also consider putting a second call-to-action button at the bottom of the page which will be below the fold. This will save the user from going back all the way up to click the CTA button.

CTA Boxes And Circles:

Your CTA buttons are called buttons because they should look like one and that’s why it is suggested to give them a shape of box or circle that is easily visible and clearly looks like a clickable button.


• Color Emphasis:

Your CTA buttons should be prominent and clearly visible and using accent color will serve the purpose.

4. Landing Page And Videos:

More than 73 percent of the consumer is more likely to purchase from a business if they have seen a video of the product first. At every stage of the conversion funnel, you can use and tailor your video elements to reach out to the interested and target audience.


While homepage and blog sections can use video elements to provide general information to the user on the other hand the product pages can have more conversion-focused videos.

5. Include Trust Signals To Your Landing Pages:

Building trust through your site will encourage your user to consider buying from you. Trust building factors must be placed prudently throughout the page to make sure the reader and the prospective customer take note of it and show interest in engaging with the business. Here are some of the elements that will work as trust signals for your business website and landing page:

• Star ratings and customer reviews for your existing services.

• Case studies related to your clients and how your services worked for them.

• You can include eminent media sites that have mentioned or discussed about your business.

• Real-time data such as the total number of viewers that are visiting the page or checking out the site.

• You can include the information related to your social media followers or subscribers.

• You can also include industry certifications, awards, and accolades.


• You can add a banner on your page that includes the logos of top brands/clients you have worked with.

6. Design Elements And User-Engagement:

Custom design elements can influence your potential consumer by improving the engagement. Apart from graphs and images, we would also like to highlight elements such as infographics and micrographics which is a smart way to lay out detailed information in a visual context.

Smart use of colors for your landing page such as the use of white spaces, and accent colors. Enhance the page appeal by using interesting and visually catchy background for your landing pages. Site layout and element coordination will also affect your conversion rate as it will affect the user engagement.

7. Landing Page And Intuitive Navigation:

It should take only a couple of clicks for the user to reach the required information or relevant page. This feature of intuitive navigation enhances the user experience and you have better chances of conversion.

Some of the navigational elements that you can optimize to achieve intuitive navigation for your landing page are an optimized menu and easy to find search bar so that users can type in what they are looking for on your website. Use of internal links so that users can easily jump from the current page to the next without any hassle.


The sidebar can be efficiently used to provide a few important links so that the user can reach the target pages. You can use sorting and filtering options on your e-commerce website and portals to refine the search and narrow down the results.


These were our seven key factors to improve your landing page conversion rate. However, this is not an extensive list. You can speak to our experts if you are ready to optimize your site and boost your landing page presence. Midas is your technology partner and custom web development company for the latest and trending website design and development solutions. Call Today For More Information.