Why Build A Website Using PHP Framework in 2023?

“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.” – Dr. Christopher Dayagdag


PHP ranks among the most used programming languages in the market for more than two decades already! This server-side scripting language is still in use and more than 80% of websites & applications are built using this programming language. We have top global websites like Facebook, WordPress, MailChimp, Slack, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and Etsy that are built on PHP.

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Why Is PHP So Popular Even Today?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is widely used for developing interactive and dynamic websites. Over the years this server-side scripting language has evolved. With regular updates & upgrades, you get added features and functions that can be used to develop impressive, useful, and efficient online applications.

Reasons To Use A PHP Framework For Site Development:

1. PHP Is Easy To Learn & Use:

The learning curve when it comes to PHP is quite simple and less complicated.

Your development team will find it easier to learn and adapt to the PHP framework quite quickly with all the online training, clear documentation, and design principles that are made available for the developers.

One doesn’t have to be a tech-savvy person to learn this language. The syntax and command functions for PHP are easier to grasp if you are a first time PHP learner/user.

2. PHP & Open-Source:

Being an open-source programming language, it gives developers the liberty to edit the structure and apply them to any project.

The installation process is quite hassle-free and you can start working on your project just like that. You get access to an array of PHP frameworks for absolutely free of cost.

It is a good reason to adopt the PHP framework for your application if you are looking for cost-control options for your business website development.

3. PHP & Versatility Factor:

Another benefit of using PHP is its platform independence. That means PHP works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and also many web browsers without any difficulty or hassle.

As it also supports various web servers, which makes deploying to different systems easy & at minimal additional cost.

4. PHP & Time To Market:

With market competition at all time high, it is critical to be time-efficient in your every investment to ensure you don’t compromise the progress and success of your business.

Your website development shouldn’t take ages to complete as it will impact your overall performance in the fast paced and rapidly changing market.

It is important to get your MVP developed as soon as possible and thus PHP frameworks are highly suitable to match the pace and requirements of today’s businesses.

5. PHP And Database Connectivity:

With PHP you securely connect with different databases. Developers have the liberty to choose a database that is relevant to their project requirements to build their applications.

6. PHP & Strong Community Support:

Over the years PHP has built a loyal community base to support and assist its members/users. You get access to a lot of learning material such as tutorials, FAQs, and various other tips for developers who want to champion this scripting language.

7. PHP & Time-Tested Codes:

PHP is around for more than two decades already and that is a huge advantage as we had enough time to test PHP codes in all types of real-world settings and environments.

The language is trusted by developers all around for major bugs that have already been detected and fixed which makes PHP a reliable, secure, efficient, and stable language for web development.

8. PHP & Advanced Security:

Every organization expects its website and application to be fast and secure. Almost 37.3% of firms find digital security a prime obstacle behind the digital transformation of their apps and websites.

As PHP is an open-source it is widely used and has a strong community for its users that has benefitted in supporting best practices, tools, and frameworks to assist in fixing the vulnerabilities and prevent/fend off cyberattacks.

The community (of developers) regularly examines and verifies functions and solutions of PHP frameworks thus keeping a check on code vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting or SQL injection etc.


PHP is an extensively used scripting language for development around the world for its solid tech stack along with the flexibility and scalability factors. It has a terrific capacity to manage traffic, given that most traffic generating sites like Facebook and Wikipedia are built on the PHP framework. If you are looking for bespoke web development and designing services then look no further and Call Midas Right Away! Stay tuned for our next blog as we will discuss the best PHP framework for web development.