5 Steps Process To Redesign Your Business Website

“Don’t be afraid to make big changes to your website. A redesign is a great opportunity to refresh your brand and make a statement.” – Moz


Your website is an extension of your business and thus it must be treated as one. A website is supposed to engage with the target user, it is supposed to drive traffic and increase conversion.

In case your website is unable to deliver these results, considering for a site redesign could be a good start to turn things around in your favor.

In this blog, we will discuss the top reasons that you look out for before deciding to go for site refurbishment or redesign. Along, with that we will share with you the five step process to start your redesign journey.

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Website Redesign:

Website redesign is the process of updating and refurbishing a site’s layout, functionality, and design. A website redesign can be a valuable investment in your business presence online that can improve your user satisfaction.

Top 6 Reasons To Redesign Your Business Website:

1. Website & Rebranding:

The first reason on our list is rebranding! When you plan to change your brand’s identity, try to reposition in the market, or change the core values, it must also align with your website’s presence.

This is why it is essential to redesign your site accordingly. A consistency can be built around the online and offline presence of the brand when you redesign the site to match the new brand message and value proposition.

For instance, if you are changing your business/brand logo, make sure to have a cohesive business identity across your various brand communications.

Whether it is TV ads, brochures, or websites, the visual elements of the logo and design change should be consistent throughout.

It will contribute to the credibility factor of the business. To achieve this, you will require a UI redesign service.

2. Dated & Unattractive Design:

If you can clearly notice that your site doesn’t appeal to the contemporary audience for its outdated design, then it is a good enough reason to get a website designed.

To meet the site design expectations of modern users, it is important to stay fresh and relevant to the market in terms of site design and layout.

Check out the industry standards and how you can incorporate those to transform your website design through site redesign. UI redesign is a suitable approach to improve site usability and design elements.

3. Website Services & Redesign:

Another persuasive factor to invest in a website redesign is when you have made notable changes in your services.

You might want to add more services or you could be interested in removing certain services from the list.

All these reasons are enough to make some changes to your site so that it reflects what your updated services are.

You can accommodate these changes by adding or removing service pages depending on whether you want to add new services or remove the existing ones, respectively.

A site redesign will present your services in a seamless manner that will not impact the usability factor of the site. By applying UX redesign, you can achieve this change in your website.

4. Lack of Business Results:

If your site is unable to achieve the target goals then it is a significant reason to consider getting your site refurbished/redesigned.

There are certain factors that will help you assess the performance of your site, such as conversion rates, lead generation, and customer return rate, etc.

If you are facing issues in these areas, and redesigning can improve customer retention and bring in more quality users then you should go for it. UX design solutions can help you achieve the best results for this case.

5. Mobile-Responsiveness & Website Redesign:

This reason is critical to your site’s overall performance as well.

The number of users using mobile devices in today’s day and age has significantly increased and thus it is a bad idea to not have a responsive website that is optimized for mobile users as well.

A technical redesign solution can mitigate this issue and help you have a seamlessly performing website.

6. Mediocre Website Performance & Redesign:

Despite having a flawless site design, it is possible that your website is unable to attract the organic traffic.

There could be site performance issues such as sub-par search engine optimization, outdated content, or slow loading of the website.

This problem calls for improving the technical efficiency of your site and technical redesign service will help in optimizing the site image, and website content, and focusing on relevant keywords.

Now that we have discussed some of the reasons that can compel you to get your site redesigned, in the next part we are covering what are the steps to take for the redesigning process. If you find a certain step is not relevant to your site redesign process, you can skip that step.

5 Step Site Redesign Process:

1. Complete Website Audit:

Before jumping to a website redesign, it is important to understand the existing situation of your site and its performance. To perform a website audit you can either do it yourself or hire an expert.

Focus on the site’s current performance and the website’s search engine optimization. Go through your site map, check every page and the traffic performance, bounce rate, conversions, and time on the page, etc.

Performance audit will reveal which are the underperforming pages and what elements need improvement. Your site’s SEO analysis will help you understand what factors could be causing issues such as poor traffic, slow loading pages, and various other technical problems.

2. Explore & Analyze User Journey:

Designing a site also includes designing or building a user journey. However, it is possible that the planned user journey doesn’t get implemented as expected or it could be that it differs from the original plans.

In both the cases, it is possible that it would affect user experience and user engagement on your website which will further impact the chances of conversion.

You should analyze and explore the user journey on your existing website and look for gaps that can be removed.

Another way to perform this analysis is to conduct user testing or ask your customers for reviews. On the basis of your analysis, you can plan for your redesign strategy.

3. Determine Your Goals for Redesign:

Setting clear goals will help you to quickly come up with the best possible solution.

List the problems that you want to resolve as well as clear goals that you want to achieve through website redesign.

Whether it is driving more traffic, boosting user retention, enhancing user experience, or changing brand perception, you must be certain about your goals.

4. Creating A Redesign Strategy:

As you have ascertained your set of goals that you want to achieve through website redesign, the next step is to build a strategy to accomplish it.

Some of the steps you will have to take when redesigning your website are, creating a fresh sitemap (re-arranging pages to improve user experience), and creating an effective messaging strategy to convey the company’s core values and motto.

Also, improve user flow by addressing the identified issues, and develop an SEO optimization strategy to improve site visibility and page performance.

5. Design Experts & Site Redesign:

Redesigning your site and implementing the planned changes can be a complicated process (as it covers UX design, UI design, and front-end development).

It is better to hire an industry recognized website design professional to achieve the best results for your site refurbishment. It is advised to seek expert assistance for professional results.


These were some of the reasons your website requires a redesign and ways to get started on your redesign are also shared through our 5 step plan of action. If you liked this blog then you can go through our other blog topics for more interesting updates. In case you are looking for professional web design and development services from India, you can reach out to Midas. We Are Just A Call Away!