9 Tips for Brilliant Healthcare Web App Development

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”- Paul Cookson

Market and businesses respond to their buyers/customers by meeting their needs. The internet age has completely evolved how consumers and service providers engage as an online business has benefited both. Thus it is important and necessary for businesses to maintain their online presence to stay connected to the contemporary users.


For healthcare industries, online presence will indeed abridge the gap (which is not possible to cover through traditional means of engaging with the customer, such as online consultation, quick access to medical information, etc.) between medical service providers and its consumers/patients. Healthcare web applications are quite successful in keeping the user updated, and connected with the best services that are easy to access online.

Talking about Successful Healthcare Websites and Web Applications, Here are some important Features and Tips to use when developing your Healthcare Website:

1. Providers’ Page:

This is an important section on your web application/website and should clearly mention and categorize relevant information pertaining to physicians, nurse practitioners, and PAs. You can list medical professionals on the provider’s page who can see patients, provide general consultation, and write prescriptions.

2. Add Location:

It is essential to mention relevant sitting hours (timings when you see patients), different locations (where you treat patients), relevant contact information, and linking Google maps to specify the location (to ensure patients/clients can reach your medical establishment without any hassle).

3. Medical Practitioners & Specialities:

The addition of this section to your web application will highlight and specify about various doctors and practitioners with different specialties (such as dermatology, gynecology, general physician, and neurology, etc.).

It will save a lot of time and effort if the web app has this section so that patients can easily connect with relevant doctor/practitioner instantly.

4. Patient Portal:

Modern healthcare web apps are highly comprehensive that include a lot of features that are designed and structured in such a manner to offer easy access to information and services to the user/patients.

Patient portal is quite a significant feature that can be added to the healthcare web app for the patient will have 24*7 access to patient specific information such as appointment information, medical records, direct contact with the physician through a portal, and other facilities such as an option to pay outstanding bills.

5. Insurance Page:

Your healthcare web application can use this feature. Clearly specifying accepted insurance providers in this section/page of the web application will keep your existing and new users pre-informed.

Make sure to update the insurance page regularly to provide only the latest information to the user. Also, easy access to contact information in case the user has any query and wants to contact immediately.

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6. Contact Us Section:

You cannot and should not exclude this section for it is a vital and quite important section of the whole web app.

The design of the contact us page should be planned meticulously so that it is easily visible to the user and so they can easily reach you. Make sure to include information such as email address, contact form, phone number, and instant chat option (if you have staff available to respond to instant queries).

7. Option for Online Appointment Scheduling:

This feature/section may not be the mandatory one because your patients might still be comfortable giving a call to get an appointment. However, given the speed at which we are getting used to digital services, it will not take much time when online appointment scheduling will be more normal and something people will be comfortable using.

A recent survey revealed that almost 42 percent of online healthcare application users are interested in scheduling online appointments however only 17 percent of these online portals have the relevant service.

Also, 24 percent of these online scheduled appointments were registered during closed hours of the office. This data helps you to assess that patients/users are interested in getting their medical appointments and through online scheduling, they get the liberty to register whenever they have time or they wish to do so. It is an efficient way to get your patients scheduled for each day depending on slot availability and it saves time and effort in reaching out.

8. Online Bill Payment:

Not just grocery shopping but also online medical bill payment facility is highly preferred by consumers. More than 20 percent of online healthcare service payments are done using mobile devices.

Almost 68 percent of users/consumers prefer to use the online payment options when paying for medical bills. If you are developing a web app in the year 2020, you must include this feature as it helps the consumer to pay the bills timely and in a more convenient manner.

9. Virtual Visits Option:

This feature/option is useful in many ways. Firstly, patients who are unable to visit their doctor due to some reason (if we take the example of the present time, the pandemic has made it really a challenge to visit our doctor for general consultation and treatment recommendations) can reach out to them virtually using video conferencing, etc. Also, patients with chronic conditions who have to visit their doctor regularly can use a virtual visit option.


We are living in the age of smartphones with fast speed internet and it is clear that online is the new reality at least for the services that we need in our everyday life. Medical and healthcare facilities going online will certainly make it simple for patients to get access to services without any inhibition of time and place. Mobile-friendly healthcare web apps will clearly gain more popularity and thus above mentioned features can be used to make your application more concise and efficient.

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