10 Things To Check Before Your Website Redesign 2021….Part II

“A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or products you offer. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.”

If you made it through the first part of the blog that means you are ready to get your website refurbished and suitable for the business so that you get the expected ROI. Without further ado, I think it is best to jump right into the blog and reveal what we have cherry picked for you.


Here Are The Things That You Need To Consider For Your Website Redesign In 2021:

1. Is It The Redesign Or The Revamp?

Whether you need a redesign or a revamp you must decide beforehand. Yes, there is a difference between the two! Revamping would mean a deeper level change where the site functionalities are also modified to match the business and market requirements. However, the website redesign would be less likely to alter the overall functionality of the site.

When you revamp your website you are talking about restructuring it, also transforming the design and that means you almost get a new website. On the other hand, when your site is able to deliver a premium results in terms of functionality then you can refurbish the design part and that has more to do with the look and feel and overall aesthetics of the website. You can speak to experts in the industry and get a second or third opinion on how you can revive the magic for your site.

2. Have You Reviewed And Evaluated Your Current Website?

We recommend doing a thorough evaluation and critical assessment of your website to make sure you understand what are the key elements that you are sure are working for the site and the factors that don’t have the desired effect on the success of a website.

You can start with making a list of items/things that you love and fancy about your website that you wish to stay on your site and is in a way adding to the value of your brand or business.

While you list down the likes about the site you can also make another list of the elements and factors that are expendable and can be removed without negatively impacting the business. Are there any key elements in the existing design that you can pin-point that are may be in a way interfering with that seamless customer engagement on your site?

You can always consult an expert who knows how you can revive your site and tweak a couple of features to make sure the business doesn’t impede and you get a better platform to connect with your potential clientele.

Midas is here to help you with Web Development and Designing Services and all you have to do is drop us a quick email or give us a call!

3. What Are Your Competitions Up To?

Similar to how you compiled a list of items and traits that you liked about your website, you should also do the same for your competition. What is it that you like about their business site?

Is there any element that you think will work for your site? Is there a design component that stood out for you that you can incorporate something inspired from that to your business site? Also, are there any details and aspects of their website that you didn’t really find that appropriate for them but find it useful for your business site?

Our experts are great at analyzing market competition and how each industry is performing on the online platform. You can speak to our expert web designers and developers to get a little more insight on this topic.

4. How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

Your online presence should cater to the audience and they are indispensable in this whole scenario. Whether you start from the scratch or revamp the existing one, your website should always aim at serving the target audience.

Are you targeting the millennial consumer or the boomers? Because the design and styling will all change according to your target consumer. What are the steps required to build a robust website so that it can become a quintessential part of your business while meeting the expectations of your consumers simultaneously?

5. What Functionality Do You Think Will Work For Your Site?

If you are able to get the attention of your potential customers then it is time to offer them the quality information that will strengthen the bond between your business and your clientele.

Whether you are running a barber salon or selling shoes, your site needs to have excellent navigation, clear information on services so that the customer gets the information in the easiest way possible. Smart redesigning will ensure your site has all the right elements to contribute to enhancing the user experience on the website.

6. Are You Giving Enough Heed To The Analytics Tools?

It’s a lot of competition out there and so much of data needs to be assessed that you can get overwhelmed by the thought of managing all of this altogether. Tools like Google Analytics are a boon for website owners or developers who would like to know how their site is performing and what elements are working fine for the business and which needs to be modified or improved to serve the purpose.

We have Google Webmaster to enlighten you on the broken links and site errors and if your website has similar problems. Hiring website developers/designers will also mean getting additional support when it comes to using Google Analytics for your site improvement.

7. Are You Considering Content Marketing?

Your site is your face of the brand and it must appeal to the consumer at all times. Studies have shown that sites with fresh and regularly updated content are more likely to boost their engagement with target consumers.

Regular blog content, business relevant video content, etc. will revive your site presence. You can consider consulting experts for content marketing to improve your website and how it is received by potential buyers.

8. What Other Marketing Plans You Can Incorporate For Your Business Site?

You can always boost your business presence by investing in marketing avenues that will work best for your business. Whether adding a monthly newsletter to your email marketing plan will bring in more quality customers or other marketing strategies to fetch more traffic for the site, you can always refresh your marketing strategy to meet your market/business goals.

9. Is Your Website Search Engine Optimized?

Do not forget the site optimization as without SEO your site will struggle to rank on search engines and that means hitting a dead end after putting in all this effort in refurbishing your website for your business and consumers. What are the latest SEO trends and how you can incorporate that in your website design plan and get ahead of your competitors is something you must focus on if you are aiming to lead the race?

10. Have You Started With A Plan To Reach The Desired Goal?

Have a very clear plan on how and when you want to get your site designed and how soon you want to market it. What are your long-term as well as short-term goals in terms of website and business and how you are going to achieve them?

A detailed understanding of website functionality is something that can overwhelm anyone and that’s why we have experts to help you through these complex situations. Midas has a team of industry experts who have years of expertise in designing and developing powerful and high-functioning websites.


Hope you had a good time and a better understanding of this topic through this blog. However, we agree that website designing is certainly a challenging job and if you are facing a problem getting together your business website then you should seek expert help.

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