7 Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign

“Your old site is the best prototype of your new site.”


In the contemporary day & age, the quickly progressing technology and consumer behavior are the two important factors that decide which businesses will remain relevant to the consumer and subsequent market & which will cease to exist.

Since your business website is part of your business, it is critical to your business growth that the site remains useful (to the potential buyers) as long as you wish to stay in the business. In this latest blog we are going to talk about the seven key factors that point out the need to get your site in order; meaning to get it redesigned.

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Here Are 7 Key Reasons That Your Site Requires Re-Designing:

1. Obsolete Site Design:

A website that has an outdated design is very likely to get the attention and time of the potential buyer.

There is a huge change in the way people interact and browse the internet today as compared to how they did a couple of years back.

If your site is still old and has that not evolved feel to it, it is possible that you will not get the desired conversion, leads, and long-lasting consumer base.

If your site is replete with 404 error pages, it is sending a bad first impression. It will certainly affect your overall business and the revenue that you wish to generate through online business. This is a clear sign that your site needs a redesign.

2. Not Mobile Optimized:

Mobile devices have become a significant part of our everyday life.

A lot of internet surfing, services that we order, and products that we purchase online are pretty much done using mobile devices.

It makes sense that you need mobile optimized site for your business to perform up to par if not better than your competitors. Make sure your site is designed and optimized for mobile responsiveness.

3. New Technology & User Experience:

If your original or existing website doesn’t have the latest functionalities and features which a common user is more used to and is comfortable using, it can impact the user experience.

The user interaction on your site will get affected due to poor user experience which translates to poor site performance, low ranking, less traffic, and overall loss of business.

Choose the best website redesign service to incorporate business relevant latest functions and features to your site.

4. Platform and Tools & Site Redesign:

You must assess some factors before you consider getting site design refurbishment.

You must decide and ascertain the type of platform and tool you are looking for, meaning if you are trying to add an e-commerce store to your site then platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce can be considered.

If you are trying to redesign your site and incorporate a blog section then you need a content management system like WordPress and Drupal.

You can consult web experts to know which tools and platforms will suit best for your business and site redesign.

5. Data Collection & Assessment:

Data collection and analysis are important when trying to improve your services and how you reach out to your potential customers with the best solutions for their needs and requirements.

With the help of advanced site analytics and tools (such as Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics), you can devise the best strategies that make it possible to meet your potential buyers, improve user experience and optimize the site to boost conversion rate as well.

6. Advanced UX Design:

One of the fundamental factors that can make or break a site is its UX.

It is possible that your existing site is not gaining enough traffic or is not able to engage with the user which is causing an increase in bounce rate.

Either way, your site design needs a redo. Redesign interactive and intuitive site pages and a menu that make it easier for the user to complete the purchase or Call To Action.

7. Aesthetics & Site Redesign:

The look and feel of your site matter and it will always matter when it comes to making sales online. The aesthetics of your website define how sophisticated, authentic, and reliable your brand is.

A poorly managed, shabby, and cluttered website will rarely rank high on search engines. You need to optimize and design your site to charm & engage your buyers/visitors/potential consumers.

Your site should make them feel comfortable when they navigate your site for services/products and information. If your site is not able to offer that, then it’s a clear sign that your website needs a redesign.


These were the seven clear signs that your site might not be ready to compete in the current market of evolved technology and user expectations. It’s time to refurbish your site design and Midas excels at website design and web development services. You Can Call Us And Get More Details On Our Top Services. We can transform your site to perform better than before, thereby giving your online business an edge over your competitors. Stay tuned for our next blog update!