Top 6 Ways To Change Your Travel Website Into An Outstanding One

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”– Paul Cookson

How businesses run in today’s day and age is very different from how it used to in a couple of decades back. Technology and evolution of internet age have most definitely challenged the conventional courses of customer engagement and business building.


It is impossible to aspire for desired results in the age of online market without any viable web presence. The travel industry is of course one of the industries that have benefited most from going online. People enjoy travelling but not so much preparing and planning for it. Your website could easily become the middle ground where your clients can reach out to you for your top services.

While the idea of having a website looks promising but be sure before you invest in this. Building a professional website doesn’t mean picking up ready-to-use, an off-the-shelf poor quality site with sub-standard design and development elements and below average user experience. That’s a recipe for disaster!

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A professional website is efficient in building clientele while improving brand exposure and bringing in more business and boosting customer engagement. If you are aiming to build a quality website for your travel business, then here are 6 key elements to take into account.

Below Are Six Must Have Features For Your Travel Website:

1. Stunning Display For A Winsome Website:

A good way to win your visitors is by quenching their curiosity. Yes! By adding aesthetically appealing site layout along with relevant HD images of specific destinations will help them learn and know more about the place they are planning to travel.

Captivating site design along with lively description will add life to your site and will surely make it a lot easier for the user to picture themselves enjoying in those travel destinations (whether it be the open grasslands of Tanzania in the African Continent or the magnificent cascading waterfalls of Iceland).

If your website is able to grab the attention of your user, then we have a better chance of engaging with them and possibly build a business relation where they are more interested in buying your services.

2. Interesting Travel Package and Itinerary:

Design your travel packages that are interesting and affordable for your target audience. Add a variety of travel packages that you think will interest your customers so that they have a lot of options to choose from.

Quality of service and tour experience should be only of premium standard or you can easily lose your customer to your competitors. Apart from this, you can add ‘customized package’ section to your website to offer the bespoke facility to your audience, meaning you design and plan their tour around their specific requirements.

You can also notch-up the presentation of your travel packages by adding highlights such as must visit locations, top activities to do or popular places to see etc.

3. Travel Videos (Another Element To Pique Their Interest):

When a user is navigating through your website it is important to keep building their interest as that helps in strengthening the customer engagement.

Adding videos to your travel website will give a lively presence to your brand and motivate the user to learn more about the places and possibly go through the site a little more before they decide on which place they would like to travel and get a planned service from you!

Make a crisp compilation of best locations to visit on a particular place and let your viewer get the live essence through those videos.

4. You Can Use Effective Promotional Tactics:

Your website gives you an ample space to flaunt about your authentic services and be super present for your clients and be ready to offer the right solution for their particular demands and requirements.

You can add a listing of most travelled destinations on your header section that way it is easily visible to your user once they land on your page/site. Adding various relevant filters to the itinerary section to make the customization for tour package more time saving and hassle-free for the user and also adding a comment/review section so that user can easily reach out to you or write their experience with your company etc.

A customized website will have these premium features which is hard (but not impossible) to find on a ready-to-use or off-the-shelf website.

5. Addition of Maps:

Remember how we are living in the real-time world of the internet where the customer gets used to a new technology even before it becomes a trend in the market! (LOL that was a bit of an exaggeration but you got the picture, right!).

You can have interactive maps on your travel website. The visual representation of travel destinations and interactive maps can be added using suitable plugins. It will give a fair idea of the destination your client is travelling to and how they can navigate to the nearby destinations.

6. Intuitive Search Option To Boost User-Experience:

Travel websites become cumbersome to go through when you have hundreds of travel destinations and thousands of travel packages on every page without filters and suitable search options.

Such clumsy websites can bore the user quite easily. Simplify the process for your customers by simplifying your website. Having an intuitive search option for your travel website means assisting your customer whilst they are planning for the place they would like to visit or travel next.

So, with an intuitive search option, if they type in ‘beaches’ they could easily get the best places to find beaches and top location in domestic and international regions where you can see serene beaches.


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