Top 9 Web Design Trends In 2021 To Transform Your Website…Part I

“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.”-Charles Eames

We are thrilled to be able to start this fresh year with new hopes and goals and we always want our readers to get more out of this blog section which can keep them abreast with the new developments and changes that are going around in the market. So that being said, through these two blog post series we will be covering the latest web trends that are very likely to be in focus for the year 2021.


Even though the age old adage of “the first impression being the last impression” is kind of obsolete for today’s day and age, it still, however, holds some truth for your online business. It is a real struggle to make your potential buyer to pay quality attention to your brand/website before they even start to show some interest in your services.

When stakes are so high, you cannot really afford to miss creating a good first impression as it is the only way that can lead to further engagement with the brand.

So, The Question Remains How Your Website Can Contribute In Bridging This Gap?

The golden mantra for your website creation (design/development) would be to keep it aesthetically on-point, do not miss any relevant information that completes your brand image and presence and lastly, keep things simple and easy (the website should be easy to navigate).

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This year we are talking about designs that have the flair and the finesse to engage as well as enlighten the user. We are talking about adopting the intuitive tools and technologies to create unique, unparalleled, authentic, and completely responsive designs. We will be covering some very interesting trends that are related to vector art, asymmetric layouts, and video in design elements and scroll effect, etc.

1. Asymmetric Layouts And Website Design Trend:

The rule of thumb says symmetry is a good way to structure and arrange your website elements so as to enhance that balanced, stable, and sensible presentation of your site. Conventional is good and it is safe but it is also not outstanding, or eye-catching. With the element of asymmetry, you can create that charm, and appeal that draws the attention of your visitor.

Web designers will surely get a lot of opportunities to explore when working with this element of asymmetry where you get the latitude and have the prerogative to take the design to a new level of creativity.

The asymmetric design doesn’t mean not having the visual harmony in the overall design of the site. You can still manage to create the balance while experimenting with the asymmetric effect. You can ensure to give heed to the little nuances such as the color, size, and movement of your elements and how that enmeshes well with the idea of creating visual harmony while working with asymmetric style.

2. The All-Inclusive (From Minimalism To Maximalism) Web Design Trend:

This year you can very much expect to see the full spectrum of design trends. Yes, we are talking about minimalist designs as well as maximalist designs.

While the minimalist design style will entertain the simplistic pattern and try to stand out in the crowd with the “less is more” approach. If done with the right planning and subtle creative elements, minimalism is a great way to represent your website with elegance and class.

Maximalism is thinking beyond the natural, the usual. In this form of the design approach, we can expect that the designer will have the liberty to design a winning design using an array of elements such as font variation, overlapping visuals, floating elements, bold and bigger typography, and vector art, etc. Time to take a leap of faith and explore what is beyond the normal!

3. Using Videos As A Design Element:

Videos always add quality to your website presence as they improve user engagement. Promotional videos and interviews relevant to your business should always be added to the website. Videos add vitality to the site while giving better insight into the brand and business to the user.

Apart from this, videos can now also be used as a design element. For instance, you can use design tools that allow adding layers that will help in making your videos play on a loop or slow motion or whatever new effect you want to see on your site. Make good use of this trend to add floating elements to your site which will surely add flair to the design.

4. Website Design Trend Of Vector Art:

Graphics bring out the better in your site by sprucing it up and making it aesthetically more pleasing. However, you shouldn’t overlook the site speed and other quality factors just because you are adding graphic images to your site. Vector art is a great way to scale your graphic images without compromising on the quality. Whether you are creating a maximalist website or a snazzy minimalist site, vector art will come in handy in managing your design elements.


With four trends already discussed above, we are not stopping here and will cover all the nine trends. Stay tuned to our blog updates. Midas is your technology partner and custom web development services company from India that caters to your bespoke website design and development requirements. Feel Free To Give Us A Quick Call Or Drop An Email For More Information.