Top 8 Web Design Trends for 2020

While trends in the field of web design often evolve and change, it requires skills to keep up with the trend. There are about millions of websites that are out and about on the internet and yet not every website gets the attention of the visitors for the sheer reason that you need to have some striking traits to set you apart from the crowd. The New Year has just started and here are some fresh website design trends that you must include on your website if you are aiming for a high yielding business site.

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What Are The Top Website Designs Trends That You Can Expect To Be In Demand In The Year 2020?


Mobile First and The Website Design Trend: while it might have started as a trend in the website design but today this trend has successfully acquired the role of being an essential and quite indispensable feature that cannot be ignored. Since mobile users are on the rise so it makes sense to have websites designed that are compatible with mobile devices. With a mobile-first designing strategy, you can appeal to larger demography and that will contribute to improving your omnichannel marketing.

Big Typography For The Website Design: This design trend picked pace in the year 2019 and it is here to stay and get the attention. We are talking about visually big typography that is large point sizes of letters for titles. For instance, in section titles and hero images, you will find the usage of these big typography styles which can often be combined with sans, slab and serif typography for more enhanced and prominent representation.

Website Design Trend of Asymmetry: repeating the same style can add to monotony and that’s the big reason why asymmetry is gaining attention. Using asymmetry in website design is to give it less straight-edged and blocky appearance and more distinguished and eye-catching. Besides, it does add the element of uniqueness when asymmetry is there, although the level can be tuned as per your website’s overall theme. Try to keep a visual balance when going for asymmetry style and make sure everything in the design comes together and compliments each and every element.

Background Video and The Website Design Trend: before it was quite a challenge to achieve a video background for it posed the threat of slowing down the website loading time. However, with the right video optimizers and theme builders and various other tactics, we can customize the setting to fit the website demands and expectations. For balancing video background and site loading speed, the videos can be turned into GIFs.

Vertical Split Design and Website Design Trend: This is yet another growing design trend that will be big for the year 2020. It is the use of vertical color split sections. This design format can be used as a divider to display two separate information sections in the single space available. This separator can either be used for the complete website or sparsely used in sections.

Micro Animation and Website Design Trend: Sifting through a lot of data can be a hassle for the user and micro animations make website navigation less complex and sure enjoyable. These animations are used in backgrounds, navigation, loading designs, and decorative elements, etc. A professional sure understands how to gel illustration and micro animation well together to come up with the best website design styles.

Three Dimensional Design and Website Design Trend: over the years this style and design trend and evolved and now it is more about clear, crisp and less flashy designs. The three-dimensional design style is often used for photo galleries, services pages, text sections, product photographs, etc.


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