Top 5 Invaluable UX Tips That Will Boost Online Shopping Experience

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.”- Scott Adams

Just adapting to the online market is not enough to prosper. You must have a compelling presence that will establish a hard-to-forget brand image and that’s how you get the attention of your target audience.


E-commerce websites often struggle to keep their clientele coming back to them. You are e-commerce website if designed and build with proper attention to detail can actually end-up impressing the potential clients and boost your online sales. Through this blog post, we will unlock some of the important UX details that you must focus on to ensure your website is shopper-friendly.

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Here Are The Five Best UX Design Tips To Improve User-Experience On Your E-Commerce Website:

1. Clearly Present And Indicate The Key Updates & Information:

When shopping online the user might look for various types of information to ensure they are investing their money in the right product and as a business, you must help them throughout this process. Your website can have promising user-engagement that can lead to conversion.

UX design tip will be to highlight the key information which the customer might be looking for such as contact information, hours of operation, what are the safety measures your business/shop is taking (since we are going through a pandemic it is evident that customer will be concerned about the safety of the service) and various other important announcements.


Do not just through in all the information and clutter your site, rather get in touch with your UX expert for the better management of your site design.

Your UX expert will have a clear idea of following the website design hierarchy as well as a way to highlight the important information so that the user doesn’t have to waste time looking for it. Clarity is an essential element of any website design.

2. Easy To Locate Return And Shipping Policies:

When you are developing an e-commerce website you are actually trying to build a complex shopping model into a simple online site that easily connects with your consumer, helps them with the reliable information, and makes the process of buying comfortable and not confusing.

Being said that, another key thing to do right here would be clearly communicating your shipping and return policies on the website. Always update these policies if needed and display them on product pages so that the customer can directly check that out.

Amazon has an interesting way to display the shipping time for their products. They clearly mention the expected date of product delivery to the customer rather than giving a vague timeline of “2-6 business days”.


Your customer is not interested in doing the maths behind “2-6 business days” and it certainly makes things unclear and such little inconvenience can affect their shopping experience with your business. The best way to deal with this is to be clear, concise, and transparent about your service.

3. Suggest Related Items:

An interactive and user-friendly website is capable of adding that life-like experience. You get a great opportunity to improve your sales through your e-commerce site by giving your target customer relevant suggestions on products and services.

No, it is not coercing your customer into buying more products from you, rather it is more like helping them with the suggestive list of items that they might be interested in. We have noticed that many times customers do find these suggestions helpful and they end up buying products that they needed but were not really aware of it.


For instance, if your customer is buying a laptop, it makes sense to suggest to them related products such as a mouse, headsets, multiport adapter, etc.

Users will find these suggestions not only useful but you improve their shopping experience and they will enjoy shopping from you as they will notice that you understand their requirements and needs. You can add this suggestive list on product pages, the cart, and even during checkout.

4. Add Faqs And Meticulous Product Description:

As online shopping is a little different from the conventional shopping, there are various factors that can tick a customer off or bewilder them so much that they might drop the idea of shopping at any point.

Anticipate what your customer will require to feel confident about your business and service and how those elements can be put together in your website to encourage them to shop from you.

Your thorough product description and related information will boost their confidence in your service. Adding compelling and quality product images will get their attention, you can also include informative videos about the product that will add more authenticity to your service.


Find out what are the common questions your customer will ask related to your product or what are the queries they are sending you for your items and put them together in a FAQ section.

5. Make Sure Your Site Is Easy To Access:

The ongoing pandemic has affected our routine and daily life activities in many ways and that has influenced people from all walks of life to find safe and secure ways to deal with the condition and online shopping is one of them.

As your website will get visited by potential buyers from different demographics you can design your site in such a way that it facilitates the shopping experience for every one of them. Check for simple design elements such as the contrast ratio set between the background and the text. The size of the text you are using should be easy to read.


Does your form have relevant labels for the given fields? Are you using transcriptions or captions for your informational video and audio content?


Your e-commerce website can be leveraged to engage potential customers and build your clientele and boost the brand reputation. Know more about website design and development and how you can get the best resources and services to design your e-commerce website with Midas.

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