6 Tips To Design An Unforgettable App Icon In 2023

Today we are discussing a very interesting topic on design and that is app icons! Yes, your business application icons are certainly important and thus the design must be significant.


There will be several instances when your app will show up in front of a new user or a potential customer and the only way to get their attention is to send a good first impression!

If your app icon is able to capture their attention and peak their interest enough that they want to click and download it for further information, you have a greater chance of conversion in terms of getting new customers for your brand & business.

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In this blog, we will disclose six best practices that you can implement to design impeccable icon designs for your business apps! The benefits of creating & designing unforgettable app icons would be building brand awareness, increasing the CTR (click-through rate), and easily persuading your users to download the application.

What Is An Application Icon & Why It Is Important?

Your app icon is not your brand logo! Your logo is something people identify your brand with when they interact, engage or come across your business on different platforms and touchpoints, etc. On the other hand, your app icon is just for your one product which is the mobile application.

You can call these app icons as visual anchors for your mobile apps which you see on app store listings or your phone’s home screens (once the app is downloaded).

The app icon is important because it captures the attention of your target user and conveys your app’s unique selling proposition.

One of the recent tests (A/B testing) revealed that improving/changing your application icon can have a remarkable impact on your business’s conversion rate, so much so that it can increase it by 100%.

People in general are visual learners and improving your icon design can work wonders for your business in terms of reaching out to the right people who actually want to buy from you.

You improve the chances of your app getting the expected exposure among the crowd of thousands of other applications if you have used the right color, design setting, and graphics to enhance your app icon.

6 App Icon Design Tips You Must Know To Stand Out In The Marketplace:

1. Focus On Unique & Recognizable Factors:

It is important that your application icon is easy to distinguish from thousands of other similar applications! That is a big ask but it is an important point to consider to ensure you don’t lose your target audience to your competitors.


You need to have a unique and easy to recognize icon so that the user can easily find the application on their home screen (which increases the chances of them clicking it and using it more often).

Apart from keeping certain basic functionalities similar to your competitors or the ones in your niche (as it is important to provide a sense of familiarity to the user), but make sure to research and assess what features and characteristics does successful icons have got in common. We are talking about the color palettes for the icons, symbols, graphic elements, etc.

2. Keep It Simple Yet Memorable:

This tip is to understand the fact that either end of the extreme here is not favorable.

An icon design that is too simple will give off a bland impression and an overly complex icon will muffle the key message.

Get rid of anything that adds to distraction and that way you can secure a design that is simple yet easy to recognize and be memorable.

Many major brands such as YouTube, Target, and Spotify, etc. are quite simple and comprise of enticing colors and simple shapes.

Another benefit of having a simple yet striking icon design is that it is easy to scale and stay relevant across devices, platforms, and mediums.

When designing your app icon, consider avoiding text or image cramming, and also use background patterns sparingly.

You can test and experiment with icon design using symbols (which are easy to recognize and memorize).

3. Platform-Specific App Icon Design:

You should also take note of unique designing principles that different operating systems (OS) have to ensure your app icon doesn’t go against the guidelines (as it can impact the user interactions for your app).

So, check the design idea and see if it fits right for the iOS or Android devices and accordingly do the adjustments.

4. Devices, Multiple Sizes & Backgrounds:

It is possible that different devices display the same icon in different sizes. It is very important to check and test a preview of your app icon in all relevant sizes before you finalize and submit it.

Most of the platforms use raster graphics for icons and logos and raster graphics don’t scale well like vector images, thus it is better to test before submitting your finalized icon image/size.

Another factor to consider is the background or OS wallpapers. You can test your icon design against various coveted and popular OS wallpapers. Check that your icon is visible and doesn’t get disappear into the wallpaper color.

5. Brand Image And Icon Design:

Even though the app icon is different from the brand logo, it is still relevant and important that your app icon design aligns with the brand image and its unique selling point.


If you own more than one application for your brand, make sure that all the app icons have a throughline meaning in the same design language.

This will help in connecting all your brand app icons together. For instance, you can use similar color patterns, stylistic treatment or graphic design elements, etc.

6. Ongoing Improvement & Testing:

The online world is volatile in the sense nothing stays the same forever. If you are fond of one trend today, some other trend will catch your interest tomorrow.

This means we cannot expect our design experts to come up with the perfect icon design in the first try! It is impossible to find what your user will find interesting on the first attempt! The solution to this problem is regular assessment and feedback along with updates.

You can run focus groups for qualitative assessment of your icon design. You can also try A/B testing to evaluate how your design options perform. Changing with market expectations is a good strategy to stay relevant to the market.

Check what your competitors are doing, and what are the successful designs are trending in your niche market and you can use these insights in developing and creating a unique app icon for your brand.


Your mobile app icon can help your brand to stand out in the app store search results. It can contribute to building brand awareness and also improve your app’s CTR. Midas designs and offers web applications, mobile and web development services, and optimization solutions from India to our global clientele. Check Out Our Services Page For Further Details. You can call us for quotes on our top services. Stay tuned to our blog section for more updates and interesting topics!