Top 4 Web Development & Design Trends for 2017

Some of the vital factors that can improve the online presence of your business website are the website design & development. An attractive website is the necessity and an indispensable requirement to draw more traffic and engage the visitors on the site. Through this blog post we will be discussing the top web development and designing trends that have dominated the market in the year 2017.


As someone has rightly said that change is constant therefore to maintain that consistency it is important to evolve with time and hence you have these technology trends every year getting all the hype. Below are some of the top and promising web development & web design trends of this year.

Popular trends for web development 2017:

•    Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence increases the efficiency of the device by giving it the freedom to act independently.  This is one of the trends that are gaining lot of popularity as it also improves user experience. Major corporations like Google and Wikipedia are already using AI software. This technology can be utilized to develop and build highly professional and smart running websites.

•    JavaScript: JavaScript has emerged as one of the prominent programming languages among the skilled and professional web developers. The rapid evolution of this programming language has also promoted many trending things like virtual reality and chatbots which will further improve user experience.

•    IoT (Internet of Things): It is basically a network of objects that are connected through internet that are capable of exchanging & collecting data through embedded sensors. Applications and systems can be developed that can provide services like controlling home systems and devices such as doors, lights, camera, toaster etc. Getting a remote control of the house or office devices using such apps will simplify data analysis and device communication.

•    Bots evolution: Improving user engagement will improve business popularity and therefore old fashioned bots have notched up. Developers are focusing on creating personalized bots that is not just a part of marketing strategy but also to offer better user experience. By changing the conversation with the bot into more human-like and fun can be a way to deliver more satisfying user experience.

Popular trends for web design 2017:

•    Cinemagraphs: Adding movement & visual interest to the static pages is the type of change that is gaining popularity as web designing features. Web designers are using high quality videos or GIFs on loops to achieve stunning result that can easily appeal to any visitor.

•    Bold typography: Styling the homepage with big and bold typography is certainly in the trend when you want to present your website in a more prominent way. This type of styling goes well when you combine it with clean and minimalistic style for the rest of the page.

•    From classic to ultra-minimalism: Changing what is conventional is the trend this year and professionals have tried designing the website and displaying just the vitals and essentials. Many eminent modern web designers have designed their websites displaying few choices which are important and therefore giving an ultra-clean and minimalistic appearance to the website.

•    Text & Image overlapping: professional designers are using text and image overlap styling for unique and fresh look.

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