Must-Have Travel App Features That Can Boost Your Travel Sales

Travel & tourism is a huge industry and this one sector has actually included technology and made the most out of it by connecting with prospective customers and businesses. This is the age of internet traveller where the customer first wants to learn about the places they can visit then want to get the travelling planned out and carried out all through a digital platform or application because convenience is what matters.


In this day and age if you are aiming to succeed in the travel business and not thinking about having a travel application then you are in grave risk of denying your potential customers a better channel to connect with you and your business.

As per the reports, almost 85 percent of travelers do rely on travel apps when planning for a vacation or trip. Talking about avid travelers, it is very likely that they already have too much on their plate (from setting up itineraries to passport renewal to baggage management etc.) and your business app will offer them some respite from all the hassles of travel planning.

Mobile applications have sorted things for businesses that are competing in travel industry and trying to influence seasonal travelers as well as guests on business trips throughout the year. It sure is a formidable task to manage chain of tourist requests but with modern mobile applications it is absolutely possible to manage business.

Just having an application for your travel business is not the road to success because it is essential that you must be aware of the business goals and requirements and how application features are going to help you enhance your services.

To make your job easier, we have come up with a list of must-have features that are essential for your travel guide application and make your application stand out of the crowd. Let’s jump right into it:

Travel Itinerary Maker:

Itinerary maker is one of the most in demand features which avid travelers look for. How it helps you ask?! Well, it is time efficient and saves the traveler from labor of planning as they will have to provide just the location and the app will automatically generate the itinerary.

You can customize the feature by letting customer add custom landmarks to help traveler generate a trip which includes places they are aiming to visit and travel. Having distinguished application features will certainly give an edge to your application over others and it is true that you will have to hire experts to get the work done.

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Geo-tracking Service:

Another winning formula for your travel application would be successful integration of GPS based location services. A traveler is curious to learn about the place they have just arrived but are in no mood to get lost and having a application that offers GPS lock, location tracker, easy to find nearest hotels, cafe and nearby attractions makes the traveling experience comfortable and more fun.

Weather Forecasting:

Though it may seem like a trivial feature to add to mobile application but weather conditions can have a enormous effect on your travelling experience and having real-time climate forecast information will alert the traveler if they need to be prepared for the conditions. Being a travel business, your aim should be making the traveling experience memorable and not fretful.

In-App Language Translator:

Travelers exploring different cities, places and countries sure find it difficult to communicate with the locals especially when they have little to no idea about the regional language. To level up your mobile application service you can add this quality feature which will simplify travelling for global trotters.

Currency Converter:

When naming all these features to make your mobile application one stop travel app for the customer then why not add the currency converter feature. Your customer would not mind less of web surfing and just going to the application for the latest currency rates.

Easy World Clock Time Converter:

With more than 24 time zones around the world, it makes sense that adding this feature will save your customer from a lot of confusion. It is not just a simple but also essential feature to add to your travel app. User is quick to ditch/uninstall an application when it is not meeting their complete needs and thus it is important you do add all those features to your application which are essential and needed by a traveler.

Integrated Social Feed Service:

In this day and age of social media we like to engage in activities such as sharing life experiences and updating them on social media. A travel application with social media integration will keep the customer interested in the application as they can use the same app to update their life experiences and connect with their family, friends and like minded people.

Trip Reviews and Feedbacks from other Travelers:

Word of mouth and customer reviews are still very much considered reliable when planning a purchase or any online buying process. Having a feedback and trip review section in your mobile application will not just help travelers to connect and share their experience but will also encourage new customers to download the application and reach out to you for service.


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