A Quick Rundown On Mobile Application Maintenance 2021…Part I

“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.”

If you own a tool that in a way brings you prosperity, growth, and opportunity to succeed in your market then you are naturally going to take the best care of your item to ensure that cycle of sustenance and growth doesn’t break. The digital market is growing so rapidly that you can get so much behind your competitors if you are just not in the game.


Your business mobile app is among your best tools that will win you this race and thus needless to say but you need to make sure your mobile application is competent to withstand the market demands and consumer’s requirements.

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Through this blog series, we will get to learn about the mobile application and its maintenance. We will be answering these four main answers through this blog series:

• What is the importance of mobile app maintenance?
• What are the types of mobile app maintenance?
• What factors influence the cost of mobile app maintenance?
• What is the standard approach for mobile app maintenance?

It is no overstatement that mobile applications have definitely transformed our engagement on the digital conduit with our customers and other businesses. It is already estimated that the number of mobile users will grow up to 3.8 billion by 2021 and that means a surplus of mobile traffic.

The question is what are you going to do with this piece of important and highly relevant information? The present situation will increase the demand for mobile app development and maintenance and it is very likely that your competitors are working in the same direction of building a strong mobile presence.

A robust application will surely come in handy in meeting these rigorous market demands. But the question is how you can continue being among the best and make sure you are meeting your end user demands? Well, mobile app maintenance is the answer. It might look like app development is a one time job but you have to continue investing your time and effort in maintaining this tool/application to ensure it is in the best condition to support your business operation while simultaneously establishing an excellent rapport with your customers.

Why You Should Update And Maintain Your Mobile Application?

Industry experts recommend investing in regular maintenance of your mobile application if you are aiming for long-term results and preventing your business app from going obsolete. Below are the top benefits of updating and maintaining your mobile application:

1. Regular Updates And Maintenance Will Lower The Chances Of Uninstalls:

If we were to draw some conclusions from the available data then in 2017 more than 20 percent of millennial smartphone users uninstalled various mobile apps on their phone just because the logo was not appropriately placed.

The digital user is anything but patient and you cannot expect them to put up with any sort of application that lags behind in any aspect. Whether it is about the application features or functionality, it is best to offer them the best of everything. Regular monitoring and assessment of application performance and accordingly updating and revamping will keep your application in the competition for the long-haul.

2. Delivering Outstanding User-Experience:

With time make sure your application remains relevant and the user-experience on the application matches the user expectations. By improving user-experience you are improving the chances of user retention, boosting customer loyalty, and building a quality relationship with your prospective customers.

You are also very likely to get positive reviews and feedback while attracting a target audience and traffic for your business. Wouldn’t this encourage you to keep your mobile application regularly maintained??

3. Better Chances To Increase Your ROI:

Apart from improving your customer engagement, your regular application maintenance will also influence your financial growth as your mobile app will contribute to maximizing ROI. Timely fixing of occasional bugs saves you from spending a fortune as you don’t wait till these errors and issues get more complex and difficult to deal with.

4. Reduce Downtimes And Thus Prevent Losses:

When you regularly update and maintain your application, you don’t require long periods of downtime and that means your application is ready and available for the business which means no revenue loss.


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