Mobile Application Testing Myths Busted

When we have limited access or knowledge about a subject it is normal to get perplexed and puzzled between the facts and the myths related to the subject. Mobile application testing is not a new topic in the market yet the related myths are so many that you might find it difficult to differentiate the fact from the myth. With this blog post we will try to uncover some facts and bust the myths regarding mobile application testing.


When we build any application or software, getting it tested ensures the quality of the product before releasing in the market. Professional testers and Quality assurance providers assess the application and offer reliable feedback along with diagnosing the bug and errors.

Myth1: Mobile applications cannot be tested- the changing requirements and popularity of new age networking platforms have made mobile applications quite famous. It is very much possible to test the mobile applications.

Professionals who are expert in mobile testing can use various networking conditions to test the performance of developed mobile application. There are IT companies that have specially developed tools and technologies that do perform mobile testing. You can hire these professional services before launching your mobile application in the market.

Myth2: Back-end system and mobile traffic are not related- it is recommended to test the mobile application against the traffic since high traffic can affect the performance of mobile application. Hence, the second myth also successfully busted that says mobile traffic is doesn’t affect the back-end system.

Myth3: Mobile app functionality and performance is the same thing- It is more about mixing two words that though sound like synonyms but are actually not. An application might the functionality test but it is possible that it doesn’t perform as per the expectation. An app that is functioning is different from an application that is successfully working or running.

Applications with best of the functions can face failure if the performance rate is slow and it keeps user waiting. Therefore, it is imperative that any developed mobile application is tested for its functionality and performance independently.

Myth4: Post-production app testing and real insight- People have this myth that testing the application after it is produced will give them actual perspective on the developed product. It is rarely possible to assess this post-production due to obstructions like unable to locate the root cause or unable to determine the network conditions etc.

There is a risk of affecting and influencing the usability if the application testing is performed during the peak hours. Also, during other times (that is non-peak hours) you might not be able to gauge the real scenario.

To conclude, it is important to understand that mobile platform is very much active and valid part of the present market and online business can perform better with fast working mobile applications and you can built your clientele with smooth running applications. To make sure the developed product is suitable for the market and customers, getting mobile app tested is the smart move. Midas IT Services brings you not just website application but also mobile application development and testing services. Stay tuned to our blogs and we will make sure you stay abreast with what is new in the technology. Give us a call for quick services and consultation.