10 Things To Check Before Your Website Redesign 2021….Part I

Fast paced world and rapidly evolving technology has made it quite challenging for every business to stay in the race and that’s why you cannot undermine the massive significance of being innovative, creative, and novel when it comes to establishing your online business through a website. Thousands of websites are already online but fail to get the desired traffic and conversion rate for they don’t meet the market standards and thus don’t pique the attention of the audience. In such a scenario, you can always benefit from a website redesign service.

Through these two blog series on a website redesign, we will discuss the important factors to consider before investing in website redesign in 2021. According to a survey, 75 percent of people going through a website will evaluate it on the basis of the aesthetics of the site.


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What Does It Really Mean By Website Redesign You Ask!

It is no rocket science to understand the term “website redesign” and to put it in simple words it means refurbishing your existing website. A website redesign is this well thought out procedure to transform your existing website which meets the market needs and business requirements. Our experts will help you with the website evaluation and to find out whether you require the aesthetic update for your site or a complete makeover and renovation that would include updating the SEO of the site to content.

You Might Want To Know; What Are The Benefits Of Redesigning Your Website?

Redesigning your existing business website will certainly mean investing your time and money; however, the benefit of having a website in good shape will always outweigh the challenges of refurbishing your site.

1. You Improve Your Site Conversion Rate:

Stale design, improper navigation, and sub-standard user-experience will affect your business and the conversion rate on site. A fresh design with the latest updates and features will revamp your overall site and improve the user experience.

2. You Get To Strengthen And Improve Your Brand Image:

Your online consumer must get to experience the excellent version of your brand so that they can trust your business and consider buying your services. A website refurbishing service will solve your problem if you are having a hard time establishing an outstanding presence in the market.

3. Get Better Search Ranking With Website Redesign:

With an updated and refurbished website, you can expect to perform better on search engines and that means a better chance to reach out to the target audience and consumer.

4. Quality Content And Website Management:

When you invest in the website redesigning you can enhance your site content and manage the website more efficiently using content management systems such as Drupal or WordPress

5. Highlight Your Business On The Digital Platform And Establish Premium Brand Image In The Market:

By hiring a professional website redesign service you get the opportunity to redo your site from the scratch and meet the business goals that will set you apart from your competitors.

6. Saving Money In The Long-Run:

Your website is your business asset and it will require some level of commitment and investment. However, refurbishing it and getting it in a good shape will bring in more business and clientele for your business and that will mean saving money in the long-run.

7. Stay Updated And At Par With The New Technology:

Redesigning your website will also mean matching the changing technology requirements and updating it to the latest responsive code standards etc.

What Factors Indicate That You Need A Website Redesign?

• Your website has an out-dated/obsolete design.

• Your website is not doing well in terms of bringing in new business.

• You experience a high bounce rate on your site (meaning the user doesn’t stay on your site for long).

• The site has difficult navigation and that is making user-experience sub-standard.

• Website content is not Search Engine Optimized and thus difficult to rank on search engines.

• Site contains numerously broken and bad links.

• Your competitors have better design and responsiveness and thus performing better than your business website.


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