How to Hire Perfect Offshore PHP Website Developer?

PHP is still one of the popular programming languages, despite the fact that an array of new programming languages are already in the market. PHP is still successfully holding its spot as one of the widely used languages for website development. The prime reason that we apprehend behind PHP being a commonly used website developing language is the plethora of frameworks that are available with it. Frameworks make the development part efficient by minimizing the hassle of programming. Symphony, CakePHP, Laravel etc. are among the most used PHP frameworks for web development.


Web developers has the freedom and liberty to use any of these frameworks and thus from amateur to professional developers, all get an array of choices to select from for their work. The dilemma is however, not the dearth of PHP developer but rather overabundance of them. This could be quite a perplexing issue for you when you are hunting for a quality developer that matches your needs and is capable of meeting your expectations. Get the Custom Web Development Services In Delhi India.

Bear this in mind that choosing a cheap solution might not always work in your favor. We have come up with the perfect list of what you need to know before you hire a PHP developer for your project. Below are the key things to consider before finalizing your PHP developer. Let’s get into it!

Get acquainted with various types of frameworks: There is no better way to know what you are putting your money into when you have at least the pre-requisite knowledge of the subject. Thus, before you hire a service provider for your PHP website, get the basic idea about the PHP and its different frameworks.

On the bright side, learning and gathering basic information on PHP is quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. If you know what your project requirements are, then all you need to do is match those requirements to the available PHP frameworks and look for that suitable one that meets your conditions.
Now it will be easy to just hunt for the professional that is expert at your required framework. Doing this will take you closer to hiring the right developer for your project because you know what you are looking for.

Know the right question and ask them: the common mistake we all tend to do when hiring a professional for the specific project is keeping the process quite general and not focusing on the main requirements and that includes going beyond shallow searching. Don’t ask just some basic questions in relation to PHP rather focus on the right ones. Your questions should be related o the development process and the design pattern they are aiming to use for the project also the practical and hands-on experience of the developer on the chosen PHP framework of your preference. Because finding the right developer for your project will need you to have the prerequisite knowledge of PHP first, therefore make sure you have done your homework before approaching the right service provider.

Determine your payment method: Whether you are hiring an onshore outsource service for PHP development or finalizing an offshore outsource service, you will have fixed cost or hourly payment method.

It is highly recommended to go with the former payment option. It is because, the PHP development process can be sprawled out in an effective manner and thus you can simply share your business needs and requirements and get the fixed quote on the type of work you are expecting from the PHP developer/ service provider.

Whereas, in other scenarios where project requirement includes continuous addition of work-flow, then hourly payment method will suit the developer as well as the client. Bottom line for payment method is, decide on the project requirement and accordingly choose your payment method.

Do not forget to look for the right communication skills: Sometimes it is all about how well your work requirement is explained and how clear and unambiguous your developer is about the type of result you are expecting.

Having the right communication skill is not just an option but the most essential non-technical requirement for your project development. Failing to establish seamless communication throughout the web development process can actually have adverse affects on your project that could be considered detrimental.

Your developer should know and understand what are your visions regarding the project and simultaneously should be able to keep you updated on the development of the project. Communicating and exchanging ideas clearly is what you are looking for when selecting a suitable professional PHP developer for your website.

Analyze and scrutinize the portfolio of the developer you are planning to hire: Before hiring a professional you get the opportunity to look into their past projects and what all they have worked on. Analysis part of hiring is important because you don’t want to end up hiring someone with little to knowledge in your field of work.

This will ensure the developer meets the technical requirements of the project. All in all, a good communication skill with ample experience in the target field would make the professional the right fit for your project.


Hiring the perfect PHP developer for your project starts from knowing the basics yourself and thereafter looking for the ones who do match your project demands and have the potential to offer the right solution. Once you are sure about what you are really looking for you will easily refine your search process and able to finalize the one that has relevant solution. For custom and bespoke PHP web development service you can reach out to Midas; we are in the industry for over seventeen years and with our team of experts we have been able to deliver to diverse client needs and requirements. Stay tuned to our blog for more interesting topics. Give us a call in case of quick information on website development.