Is it getting difficult to make your visitors stay? Know why!!

Building smart website is creating a medium that simplifies the interaction and connection with potential customers and clients. However, just attracting customers and viewers is not enough for your site to perform well in the ongoing competition.



When talking about web searching and visiting a site for information, we know that patience is not the key. Viewers tend to leave the site if they are not able to scan the required information from the target page within the first few seconds of their visit. There are various factors that might be contributing to the problem of short-visit syndrome in your site.

A thumb-rule for a successful site is not to just entice your visitor but also to provide the quality and services that will result into converting the visitors into potential customers. Following are seen among the top reasons why visitors don’t ever turn into customers and leave the site soon enough.

Poor User Interface/Navigation:

The aesthetics of your site is the design and the navigation system. So, if the user is not satisfied or impressed by the user interface or web design; it is pretty much possible that they going to ditch the site and move on to some other website for the information.

A complex and puzzling web structure will lead to poor user navigation and that could be a major reason why users are leaving your site within the first ten seconds of visit. An outdated design can cause hindrance in experiencing a smooth user experience. Making sure that your website is easy to use, logically designed and user friendly will help you get the desirable quality users.

A Slow Loading Website is a Bad Site:

If you are thinking how much lethal it could be for your website if you don’t have a quick loading performance; well it could be pretty lethal! As per the Hosting Facts, a single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7 percent loss in the conversion, and 40 percent of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

There are various software tools available to test the website loading time and performance speed. Website speed is one of the deciding factors for website ranking so make sure you don’t fail to keep the pace. Look for the necessary measures and course of action to rectify the website speed performance.

#GTmetrix is a free software tool that can be used to check the site performance and speed.

Annoying Pop-up Ads & Autoplay Audios:

Being a regular internet user, I know how much annoying it gets when autoplay audios and pop-up ads appear on the screen and hinder the net surfing. Smart users will avoid referring to such sites that kills their time and make them wait for that ‘Skip the Ad’ option.

Efficient and well-organized web designs are in trend that load fast and prioritize hassle-free access to the visitors. Pop-up ads and videos can be placed in locations that would not disturb or confuse the user when they are visiting your website. Make sure you limit the number of ads that are being displayed on your website and that way your website will be a highlight and not the ads and pop-ups.

Outdated Content that no more serves the Site:

The strategy of attracting the potential users using quick loading website and impressive web design will be a major fail if your website content is outdated and obsolete. According to Forrester Research, “For 2012, 54% of consumers found websites through search engine results, 32% through social networks, and 28% said that they found websites through links from other websites”.

Adding fresh content like blogs and articles on your website will definitely attract a positive response by generating more traffic. Focus on not just your home page but also the website content. Update and post regularly on your site and that way your visitor will return to the site time to time and that will increase the popularity of the site. It is a myth that a content that is crammed with complex and technical jargons is more compelling; however, efficient website content should be user-friendly, neutral, objective and precise.


Although there could be myriad of reasons and factors that can affect the popularity of your website. Above mentioned points are some of the most common and key factors that can influence the performance of the website. Make sure you address these issues before moving on to the secondary level problems of site management issues.

If you can think of other reasons that might help our readers to address the short-visit syndrome, feel free to share in our comment section below.