Top 8 Common Website Navigation Mistakes To Avoid 2020…Part II

“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.”

In the last blog post, we discussed how a great navigation of the website will fetch you more traffic and expected ROI by increasing the conversion rate. Navigation of a website will decide if the user is here to stay and buy your services or abandon at the first sight of inconvenience.

This second part of the two blog series on navigation pitfalls will discuss how CTAs, page scrolling, and intricate checkout process will kill the interest of users coming to your website.


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5. Confusing The User By Using Several CTAs:

Call to action aka CTA is pivotal in driving conversions. However, do not commit the error of using several of them on a single page that will leave the user bewildered and disoriented.

Using various CTAs on a single page will not improve your chances of conversion. The right thing to do is focus on what you are aiming to achieve through a particular page or site. How do you want your user to respond to your given piece of information and accordingly place the relevant CTA (call to action button)? Your CTA should not conflict with the marketing goal.

6. Scrolling and Conversion Rate:

Designing a website and placing the essential elements on the right/expected place will work in favor of your business as visitors will find the site more synchronized and easy to navigate through.

Website scrolling and placement of call to action button will impact how your visitor responds to your website. Is your CTA placed on the very top of the page? Do you think it is the right location to place your CTA because what if the user has to scroll back all the way up to go through the conversion? It is possible that visitors will retract for they are not interested in doing all the effort.

Many websites use scrollable CTA buttons to save the time for the user. You can also choose strategic locations on the website/webpage to place your relevant CTAs that will contribute to improving the conversion rate.

7. Hard To Read and illegible Website:

Multiple elements together create a well-synchronized website that will work as a solid platform to increase clientele and business exposure.

Talking about the website design then it is important to understand that first and foremost a website should be easy to read and understand. Use of conflicting color schemes, larger than life content blocks, multiple fonts, and font colors will ultimately turn your site into a website that has the least professional appeal.

Website design and SEO experts do recommend choosing a professional color scheme, font sizes, and CTA selection to give your website good aesthetics and seamless navigation.

8. Complex and Intricate Checkout Process:

For online shopping, the cart abandonment rate is 60 to 80 percent. A user is more likely to abandon their shopping cart when the checkout process is too complicated/time consuming.

A consumer is happy when they can go through the whole shopping and checkout process using as fewer clicks as possible. The user experience will be affected if you have hidden navigation buttons which consumer is not expecting and that will negatively affect your conversion or sales rate. Midas is an expert at eCommerce and custom web development services from Delhi and we can help you with fixing the cart abandoning issues.


Establishing your business website is a serious decision and it is completely okay to look for expert help because you surely don’t want to end up investing your time and money on something that doesn’t fetch you expected result/ROI.

Apart from navigation pitfalls, a website can have multiple other problems related to design, optimization, etc. and an expert eye can come handy in building a robust, high-functioning, and user-friendly website. Find More About Our Services On The Service Page or leave us a comment or give a call to reach out to us.