Eight Pro-Tips to Improve Keywords Ranking in 2022

Are you facing difficulty in ranking your site? If yes, then there is quite a possibility that you are perplexing over the issue as why the target keywords are still not ranking on the Google Search Engine, right? Well, a smart webmaster is aware and understands that Google keyword ranking is essential to attract the organic traffic for the site. Once site traffic improves the possibility of conversion rates also become promising. Proper selection of keywords for the site will filter the type of buyers or customers you are targeting and that mean more business and Return on Investment.


There could be an array of reasons that determine the keyword ranking but if we dive deep and try to come up with the top five factors that have the potential to affect the keyword ranking on the search result, they would be:

  • Domain authority: You require domain authority more than 20 to rank higher on the search engine results.
  • Total number of backlinks: Your keywords ranking will automatically improve if you have more backlinks to your website pages. Strategies like guest posting, creating infographics etc will contribute in building quality backlinks.
  • Loading time of website: Site loading time can affect the website ranking since Google prioritize the websites with minimum loading time. If your website loads quickly then you will have better SEO ranking.
  • On-page SEO & keywords ranking: Performing on-page optimization will give you better chance at improving keyword ranking. When performing on-page optimization the high priority keywords should be placed on title, image alt tags, meta description, sub headings, and also start and end of the article.
  • Keyword ranking & social shares: Increasing your social sharing of the posts will escalate the possibility of improving the keyword ranking.

If you are still with us and reading this blog, that means you are either an ardent reader or desperate webmaster looking for infallible and sure-fire ways to improve the keyword ranking. So, in either case, without further ado let us go through the ways you can manage your site by boosting the keyword ranking.

  • Research & sort the suitable keywords that are related to your business:

You should search for the best keywords and phrases that are related to your line of business or the type of services you are delivering. To determine the right keywords for your site you can use Google keyword planner tools. Using the right set of keywords will increase the site ranking on the Google search engine.

  • Perform web page optimization for Search Engine:

The selected keywords will be used on the target web pages and related content and this will be called optimizing the site according to the researched keywords for the business promotion.

  • Increase your social shares:

Social sharing does help in improving the keyword ranking on various search engines including Google. A smart and appealing website presence on the social websites is an effective approach to achieve increased keyword ranking. Increase post share on social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter etc.

  • Focus on Local Search Optimization:

Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis to refine the search results and currently the target is local search. Local search result means that for a particular keyword search the Google will list the particular location related results above the organic search results. As per the survey, almost 36 percent of the users first check the top organic search results they get on the very first page. Adding business address and contact number in your target content will boost your local search visibility.

  • Revamp & refurbish your website regularly:

You  have to stay active and updated to keep your site ranking on top and one of these tactics include using fresh, appealing and updated content. Create useful and precise posts with suitable keywords also don’t forget proper internal linking. Following such approaches will work in your favor and consequently improve the site ranking.

  • Use image alt tags:

Another way to boost your website ranking is by using Alt tags. You can select the priority keywords and use them in your Alt Tags for the images that will improve keyword ranking in the search engines.

  • Blog posts:

Posting blogs will affect your site ranking in a good way. Elaborate and detailed articles or blogs attract target visitors and that will improve keyword ranking as well. If you have created quality and relevant content and have used the target keywords and phrases, then consequently Google will increase the keyword/phrase search ranking that is used in the content.

  • Using long-tail keywords:

You can try focusing on long-tail keywords to quickly improve the website ranking. As competition for single to double keywords is much higher in comparison to the long-tail keywords; it is a smart way to easily improve your ranking by targeting your labor on long-tail keywords.


There is not much hassle involved in achieving that perfect keyword ranking for your site. You just need to make sure to follow the sought after approaches and techniques that will directly refine the organic search result for your site. A well managed website that is rich in quality content and backlinks will benefit your site ranking. We have shared some of the important keys to improve keyword ranking, you can share your ideas and tips with us on our comment section below. Stay tuned for our future posts!!!