Do You Have These Critical Business Website Elements? – Part I

Most indispensable and business critical for your online business is your website. But do you know the essential elements that will make up for a good website? The new decade and emerging technology have made it even more complex for businesses to start a smooth online presence. Talking about business websites and portals, there are certain factors that you cannot miss whether you are going for a customized website or ready-to-use designs.

Midas has almost two decades of industry exposure and myriad of technical expertise in developing bespoke and robust websites as well as web applications. In the present world, internet is business and an ineffective website can put your business flow on the slow track. So, without further ado, let’s get onto the important and the most crucial elements of a websites that you must not avoid when building one for your business:


1. Goal Recognition: Why do you want a website and what goals do you think can be fulfilled using one in terms of your business. You can create a query list that would focus on what, why and how for your website, such as what type of website will benefit your business, why certain design and website structure will work better for you to get an outstanding website?

You can say that this step of goal planning is pivotal in establishing the foundation for your whole website strategy. However, we understand that not every business will have the needed resources to do so and that’s why we are here. Yes, Midas administers website development and offers you 360-degree service to plan your website development journey from start till end.

2. Site Navigation & Architecture Should Be Clear and Precise: Your site navigation is certainly crucial and clear navigation means visitor does not get lost or confused while searching for a particular topic or service that they are looking for. Besides benefiting your visitors, your site navigation will also contribute in indexing your website pages on search engines.

A commendable business website will have its important pages directly linked to the home page also it should not take more than two clicks for a user to get to the home page from any other page of your website that they are on right now. Experts consider using silo architecture to organize and manage the website and hierarchical groupings of site elements/topics are logically organized.

3. Setting Up The Perfect Home Page: Generating traffic on a website is directly proportional to the fact that it has the potential to impress the visitor within the first 10 seconds of their website visit. Online user has little patience and that becomes a deciding factor for any business that is aiming to lure and ensnare them thus it is extremely important that the business website is able to clearly convey what’s it all about as soon as the user lands on the site.

Double-check and ensure your site logo, promo message, first paragraph of the home page, and tagline are all perfectly set and presentable for any visitor coming to the site. This way you are leaving a good impression on the user and they may find it interesting to browse you website further.

4. Easy To Notice Call To Action: There is a purpose why your visitor is on your website and thus you must decide what you want the new user to do on the website. Making the desired action clear to the user/visitor will help them on deciding whether they are interested in your services. General call-to-action that you must have read in many websites include “buy now”, “call now” etc. Once an interested visitor checks out your website, then it is your responsibility to guide them with their process and how they can reach the end-result and that is where call-to-action helps. Impressive call-to-action are sure to bring in more clients who are genuinely interested in your services.

Midas has almost two decades of experience in providing Custom Web Development Services to our global clients and we design websites that stand out. Experts suggest sagacious use of website spaces, for instance the top right and footer are good place to add the business contact information and other valuable links which are easy to view for the user.

5. Mobile-Friendly Website: More than 60 percent of website visitors are coming from the mobile users and thus it only makes sense to have websites which are mobile-ready and can offer smooth performance and navigation experience to the mobile user.

It is very probable that your competitors are already investing in mobile websites and that means your business needs to be mobile-friendly. Apart from your customers, Google is also interested in businesses which are mobile-friendly and that’s why search engines rank websites high which are mobile-friendly.

6. Significance of ‘About Us’ Section: Monotonous, dull and uninteresting ‘about us’ page is a big no. You might not consider this section of the website as that potent in impressing your customers, but user wants to engage with the business and learn about the company and what they have been doing in their niche industry. Put out your business information in humble and creative way that introduces the first-time user to the services and what your businesses is best at providing. Midas designs completely customized website pages that are devoted to highlight the business to the potential customers.

Stay tuned to our blog section because we are not done yet and through this two series blog post we will reveal you the most critical business website elements that you need to include in your website in 2020. For any web development and designing services you can reach out to Midas or Leave A Message on our website and we’ll call you asap.