Unlock Secrets Of UX With These UX Research Methods

“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”- Albert Einstein


Designing your website, application, or software without taking into account what your user wants is a recipe for failure. Your business must have the user-friendly factor when it is about meeting consumers online or virtually.

Why do you think iPhone has such a huge consumer base? It is not just the technology that is contributing to its popularity. It’s the sweet combination of phenomenal technology & stand-out UX.

All the upcoming technologies (such as VR, AT, Bitcoin, etc.) have the potential to become the next groundbreaking addition to the market but it is only possible if the general audience is able to use them or find value in them. UX is the key element to bridge this gap between the technology and the user.

UX experts and professionals perform various UX types of research to make sure the end user gets a desirable experience when using a particular application or software.

Businesses want to invest in proper and better tools or ways to understand and delve deeper into the customers to understand them better.

They want to know why customers behave a certain way and what they would expect from their apps and web sites when using them.

In this blog, we are uncovering some of the UX research methods that you can leverage to make sure your business is able to serve your consumer when it comes to technology and user experience.

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Define: UX Research Methods

UX research methods include ways and processes that can be used to generate insight into users’ behavior, needs, and motivations. The benefit of UX research methods is to leverage it to build a strong and outstanding user experience for the target audience. Some of the UX research methods include card sorting, interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

What Are The Benefits Of UX Research?

Why we stress on enhancing your user experience is because it will improve user interaction with the product and hopefully leave a lasting impression on the user. Some of the benefits of UX research are:

  • Designing & developing user-focused products based on the requirements of your users.
  • Assess the usage patterns of users.
  • Cut down on cost by getting a precise approach for developing efficient & user-relevant apps and products.
  • A good way to strengthen team collaboration when researching and assessing the consumer needs and goals.
  • Data-driven results rather than assumptions when deciding what user needs.
  • Better chances of designing a product that prioritizes usability factors which will later contribute to a better return on investment.

Selecting Right UX Research Method For Your Product

It could be a little tricky to select the right research approach for your product thus here are some factors that you must consider before choosing a particular research method:

  • What is the development type? (Is it an application, software, or website, etc.?)
  • What is your client type?
  • What are your phases of the project?
  • Environment factor
  • Resources
  • What’s the project timeline like?

What Are The Different Types Of UX Research Methods?

We have two ways to go about when working on user experience research:

1. Qualitative UX Research Methods: These techniques will depend on factors such as interpretations, impressions, and prior knowledge.

2. Quantitative UX Research Methods: These methods help you to track, compare and evaluate the data. You are able to take informed decisions with this method.

It is essential to know both methods to have a better understanding of your project/product as you will be better prepared to develop a consumer-focused product.

Various Qualitative UX Research Methods:

1. Interviews & Qualitative UX Research Technique:

One-on-one interviews with your target users will help you gather some solid information and feedback on your products and services. You will be able to understand the thought process and feelings of your users when getting to know their perspectives on your services.

There are different techniques that you can use to conduct such interviews.

2. Ethnographic Interview & Qualitative UX Research Technique:

This particular technique aims to get a better understanding of the habits and behavior of the user by observing as well as interviewing the target user.

3. In-Depth Interview & Qualitative UX Research Method:

This method will focus on asking questions pertaining to a particular feature, idea, or a subject. It is a beneficial technique that can be used for any development phase of planning, testing, or implementation.

4. Focus Groups:

In this method, we bring together a finite/small group of people to directly interview and ask about our products and services. This way you get a better understanding of a particular topic or feature that you are developing.

In this method, the users or people in the focus group can also interact with each other during the process.

5. Questionnaires & Surveys:

You can conduct UX surveys and questionnaires to gather more data for your UX research. In this technique, you can use open as well as closed questions. Make sure to be specific about your selected questions as it will fetch you the information that you will need to perform your assessment and analysis.

You must have heard of online survey tools like Typeform and Google Forms which you can use for your UX survey.

6. Usability Test & Qualitative UX Research Method:

This method is used to observe user interaction and assess how a general user navigates through an app or website.

7. Sorting Cards & Qualitative UX Research Method:

It’s an interesting method that shows how your user categorizes the given information. The insights you get through this method can be used when deciding on website structure. Make sure the user understands the information they are provided. Thus, based on research criteria, users are asked to sort or categorize the given cards which will further show how a user is going to prioritize the given cards.

Various Quantitative UX Research Methods:

1. Data Analysis & Quantitative UX Research Method:

When it comes to quantitative methods of UX research, we rely on analytical tools such as Google Analytics. You get the real data on how a user interacts with your application or website. Assessing this data will give you a better understanding of your users.

2. Benchmarking & Quantitative UX Research Method:

In this quantitative tactic, you use metrics to check for the relative performance against a set standard of a product’s user experience. You can compare your current and historical performance for a particular solution you have provided or used. This method helps you to set apart what works and what doesn’t for your product or app.

3. A/B Testing & Quantitative UX Research:

A/B testing is one of the most used techniques in digital marketing which is also useful in UX research when deciding which feature is better for the app or site. For instance, when deciding on the CTA button, you can use A/B testing to let your user help you out which is the better one.

4. Analyzing Eye Movements & Quantitative UX Research Method:

This eye movement tracking method gives you the data on your app and what design elements the user is more interested in and what part of the site, app they are avoiding or just don’t notice. It gives you an understanding of the user’s conscious and unconscious behavior.


A thorough research will certainly benefit in creating products and applications that add value to your consumer’s time and life. What your user expects from your product is not something every user expects from any other product available in the market.

You will have to customize your product in such a way that it meets all the needs of your target customers/users.

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