Top 9 Web Design Trends In 2021 To Transform Your Website…Part II

“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.”- Charles Eames

In the last one year, we all went through the most unprecedented time where we had to adjust and adapt to the changing environment and simultaneously changing market needs. There has been a radical change in the online competition as well and the only way to stay in the league is by adapting to the change.

Your website establishes the web presence and shapes your online brand image and that’s why through this blog series we are discussing the top design trends that you can adopt to refurbish your website.


Here Are Latest Website Design Trends To Get You Inspired And Help You Get An Edge Over Your Competitors In 2021:

5. Abstract Design And Website Trend:

Customized designs and shapes in your website are the indispensable elements of the site and if done right they not only adorn your site but also elevate the overall appeal of the website. This year we have arbitrary shapes and abstract designs taking the lead.

A great opportunity to establish a strong, compelling, and influential brand identity using abstract illustrations. Find out how we combine these elements of abstract design, your brand colors, and impactful visual style to create a unique and outstanding presence for your brand and business.

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6. Website Design Trend And Animation:

Animation has already gained popularity in the recent years and it makes sense to consider including this element in your website if you are focusing on creating market relevant website.

The animation is not just for the amusement of the user but it can also be used to strengthen your website user-experience. While the use of animation certainly elevates the aesthetics of the site but it also is quite effective in keeping the user engaged and guiding them in taking the expected actions for further information and services.

Trigger animation is one good example of this trend and you can use it to intrigue and entice the user that will motivate them to learn more about the site and you can use the relevant call-to-action button to achieve the expected response from the user.

7. Website Design Trend And Use Of Black And Pastel Colors:

With lightning fast internet at our disposal, it comes as no surprise that on an average a person using a smartphone spends up to 4 hours and 30 minutes in front of their mobile screen. It is important to maintain a calming and less triggering vibe of your site.

The use of a pastel color scheme can tone down and temper the mood and feel of your site that has an overall calming effect that contributes to a hassle-free user-experience. You get an abundance of color variations when it comes to pastel color schemes.

The dark themes are also quite in demand as they offer that classic and quite enchanting appeal to the design while still maintaining that calm and cool effect. A good mix of pastel and dark themes can work great for minimalism as well as maximalism website design settings.

8. Improving Navigation And Accessibility:

A hallmark of excellence for a website and design is when it is able to serve the differently abled users as easily as other customers. Website specialists give special heed to this factor that a website is easy to access and use and navigation becomes seamless that saves time and enhances user-experience.

Basic design components that can help you achieve the said result is through the use of visual elements such as large texts, vibrant and contrasting colors as well as clear imagery in the design. Focus on enhancing the usability of the site and thus find the right website design strategy that serves your business goal.

9. Website Design And Scroll Effect:

Parallax scrolling can contribute and offer that creative and interactive browsing experience that will notch up the user experience on your website. You offer anything but boring design when working with a parallax effect on your site.

There are various other ways to improve the user-engagement using dynamic scroll effects such as horizontal scrolling, riveting transitioning from one section to another, and zooming in and out of images.


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