10 Benefits Of Using Progressive Web Apps For Your Business…Part I

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”-Paul Cookson

If we speak in the context of the digital market and online business presence then one factor that will definitely impact your brand value is the ‘performance’. Your website and web app are some of the key components that serve as the building blocks for your online business.


You have to ensure that your performance on the digital conduit is entirely compelling, engaging, latest, and user-friendly. Through this blog series, we will be discussing the eminence of progressive web apps and how they are gaining popularity in the market by boosting brand value and client building.

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What is a PWA (Progressive Web App)?

Microsoft defines Progressive Web App as “apps that combine the best of the web, with the best of native apps”. Since Progressive Web Apps easily run on browser, you don’t have to bother downloading the app from Google Play Store or iOS application store.

Six Features Of PWA That Transforms Your Website Experience Are As Under:

1. Element Of Smooth And Quick User Interface Support:

With progressive web apps, it is possible to send the complete website to the target user’s browser. Web developers can design and build these websites that load instantly and have fast performance.

2. Element Of Installation Facility:

The user gets the popup request if they would want to “install” the website and doing so will simply add an icon to their home screen. Clicking on this icon is a simple and direct way to automatically access the website in full-screen mode. This feature of the home-screen icon is similar to the app experience.

3. Element Of Offline Support:

The Internet is crucial especially when your business engagement depends on it. However, with progressive web apps, a consumer gets to access the website even when they are accessing the site offline.

4. Feature Of Background Processes:

In the case of poor connectivity, the web browser will easily store the data requests and re-send it in the background once the connectivity returns.

5. Ability To Perform Similar To Device:

Similar to applications, these progressive web apps on the user’s permission can have access to the calendar, battery status, Bluetooth and camera, etc.

6. Element Of Push Notifications:

These websites can send push notifications.

Below Are 10 Benefits Of Using Progressive Web Apps:

1. Quick To Install:

With PWA you don’t have to go through all the paraphernalia of application installation (such as visiting the app store etc.) and it is as quick as saying “Hello”. All the installation process happens in the background without hampering your user-experience.

2. Keep Your Progressive Web App Up-To-Date:

With PWAs you get to maintain your site in the best condition and as per the latest trend without disturbing your consumer/user with constant “update request”.

3. You Stay Progressive And Relevant To Your User As Per Their Device:

Another benefit of investing in progressive web applications is that you get to serve your consumer as per their browsing requirements or device adeptness, meaning, if the user is operating through the latest device they can access latest PWA features but if they are operating through older devices, they still get to experience and access the traditional site layout.


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