Top 7 Misconceptions about Web Development


Just building a website is not same as building a website that seals the deal; these are two completely different entities that we are talking about here. Digital age has left no business uninfluenced and compels every market to get better connectivity through this conduit.

Website has already proclaimed its significance on the digital platform for various industries and businesses and there is no scintilla of doubt that without a well-laid out website it is impossible to improve sales, marketing and brand image for a business.


Yet another interesting fact to ruminate about when aiming for a business website is that your majority of audiences are the mobile users and it only makes sense to design a product that meets the need of the mobile consumer of the present times.

It is very likely for a consumer to first look through the website of a business before planning to visit it in person. As much as overrated it may sound but your business needs to have an attractive website whether you are an ecommerce service provider or web development solution firm. Increase in demand of website developers has surely given new opportunities for website professionals to present their creativity and technical prowess.

However, there is dearth of knowledge and awareness about how crucial website is for any business to flourish and establish market prominence. So, we have come up with quick facts and misconceptions on web development. Let’s jump right into it but before that, a quick shoutout to our team of Midas for being top custom web development service providers from Delhi for the past sixteen years.

Top misconceptions you should know about website development:

1. Pretty much anyone can design and develop a website: No we are not talking about the learners (students/professionals trying to build their skill set) but enterprises that are trying to make an impact on the market but sorting to run-of-the-mill solutions. Many businesses still have this misconception that website designing is a quick thing and pretty much any service is suffice to get the work done. But is that so? the answer is no, because building a quality website which serves the customers and contributes to the future growth of business must be build with right tool, technology and by professionals who have the right skill-set.

You will come across dozens of easy to use applications online which have drag and drop options to create a new website, however, when talking about large scale businesses and companies aiming for better market exposure, nothings matches the result of a custom designed and developed website by professionals.

Professional firms like Midas design high end websites with Search Engine Optimized features to make website fit for the professional front. When you choose Custom Web Development Services over readymade solutions you will be surprise to see the difference in result with professional work done on tailor-made website.

2. Website builders and designers should follow the client’s way only: When building a website, it is not about who gets to call the shots, rather it is more about collaborating and communicating through the work to ensure both parties (client and the service providers) are on the same page and clearly understand what are the realistic goals that are feasible for the business.

We hire professionals because they specialize in these types of tasks and have the prior knowledge for executing the work. Being a business we must understand that we need to trust the process, not pressurize the professionals so much that they find it difficult to share the creative ideas they might be willing to share for your future website. It is however, totally fine to give your feedbacks on the regular basis to let developers and designers know if you are satisfied with the way site is coming around.

3. Completed website is the last stop, no more work needed: Just to cut to the chase, the technology is not going to stop evolving and neither the work on your website. A website can never be complete because there will always be these little changes that you want to update to make your website well-put together and better than the competitors in the market.

We build scalable websites so that they can be adjusted to the changing technology and match the pace of the technical trends which are important in terms of gaining confidence of the customers and quick delivery of services to the buyers.

Customer in the present age is highly active and quick to realize when a website is serving stale information and that is a fatal blow for any business because once a customer is lost it is difficult to gain back that trust.

This is the reason we need professionals who will maintain our websites and keep them in right shape and action to entertain the needs and requirements of the customers.

4. The traffic floods in once the website goes live: To burst this misconception I would like to know if it is possible to get the public flowing into a brick and mortar store just by changing the “closed” sign to “open”. That’s not possible right!? Because to attract the public you need a marketing strategy that convinces them to at least check out the store and if satisfied, make the purchase.

Your online store/website/portal will need a strong digital marketing strategy that fits well with your goals and how you are aiming to grow in this platform as a business. Proper branding and marketing will take months of hard-work to build a reputation of the brand that will influence users to check out the site and consider buying from the business.

For high return on investment, we ensure that teamwork is strong and ready to assist in the same. Optimizing website and developing website are the two main components that must be balanced when aiming to promote website and generating more traffic for the business.

5. Imitating and copying any website for development is an easy way to get it done: Companies do come up with odd requests of just imitating other websites of their choice to build their business website and this is not just illegal but also a terrible idea for your brand identity. What are you trying to achieve through this is just a cheap mock-up of an already existing site. Companies that aspire to be one-of-a-kind brand and business among the millions stay away from the tawdry work.

6. Designing a website is cheap: Designing a page or website will mean using right color combination, typefaces, and efficient use of white space etc. and a web designer has to evaluate each and every aspect quite meticulously. It would be really unfair to tag their work and hard work as cheap service. Many of the professionals that we work with have taken certified courses to excel in their web development and designing skills and all the time and labor they have invested cannot be sized up as cheap and easy to get service.

A well put-together website always pays off and professionals behind building these sites spend days and months to get the best result out of their efforts.

7. Any editing and change in the website is a free service: Like said before, work on your website is never complete and it will always require certain changes that you might wish to add. Every effort and service that professionals put into your website should be taken as paid service. Many professional service providing firms do have a certain period right after deploying the project when client can request for a couple of changes that they find more fitting for their website and that could be a free service, but other than that, no work is free service. To prevent any miscommunication regarding cost and service, it is best to clear with your service providers beforehand.


As the technology is taking a new turn and digital platform is gaining popularity, it makes sense to keep your business in good shape and in trend. You should have clear idea of the services that you trying to buy and how it will benefit your business. Lack of knowledge can cost you money and time wasted and thus at Midas we first discuss and then recommend and after that you can hire us for the services that you are looking for. Leave us a comment or check out our service page for further information.