Advantage of Progressive Web Apps for Small Business Owners 2020

Progressive Web Applications are considered one of the most powerful and influential trends in the niche and marketplace of mobile web development. Initially introduced by Google, this trend has taken over the online paradigm for developing web applications and mobile apps.

What is PWA?

PWA is short for Progressive Web Application which is a website that has functionality and looks more like a mobile application. Apart from giving similar user experience as well as the functionality of any native apps, PWAs are easy to be accessed from the home screen of any smartphone device.


Progressive Web Applications have an edge when it comes to creating immersive user experience and that boosts user engagement and conversion rate for any business. According to a recent survey, businesses that have invested in Progressive Web Apps have experienced a 68% increase in total web traffic, up to 25 times reduction in usage of device storage, almost 137 percent increase in user engagement, and about 52 percent increase in average conversion rate.

Global companies such as Pinterest, Tinder, YouTube Music, and Twitter, etc. have invested in PWAs. It is believed that by 2020-21, almost 50 percent of mobile applications will be replaced by Progressive Web Applications.

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Let’s find out the Key Benefits that Businesses can expect by investing in PWAs and how these Progressive Apps can boost the Business Growth for start-ups/small scale firms to Large Scale Businesses.

1. The Development Cost for PWAs is Quite Nominal:

When it comes to developing PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) you don’t have to invest in developing different versions for various devices as one app will fulfill the requirements of diverse operating endpoints. This will certainly cut the development cost as there is less effort required, unlike native mobile applications.

2. You Get Look and Feel Similar to Applications:

For a more attractive interface and user-friendly experience, a consumer often chooses applications over browsers. Progressive Web Applications have great potential in meeting these requirements of the user and it is easy to enhance user engagement with the advanced user experience of PWAs along with the look and feel of mobile apps.

It doesn’t matter what technology, tool, or framework is used to develop the PWA they still provide user experience superior to websites and nearly identical to native mobile applications.

On the other hand, these apps will have speed and responsive factors similar to websites with advanced database access as well as automatic data and that helps in indexing the PWA pages on search engines.

3. Fast Installation:

If we compare the installation process of PWAs to regular mobile applications then PWAs have an edge as they are less complex and have enhanced user experience. All a user has to do is download the app directly to their smartphone device without any need to visit the Google Play or App Store and that very much streamlines the whole process and thus improves user engagement and reduces user abandonment.

4. Superior Performance:

To offer better performance and significant speed, the PWAs are efficient in caching and various contents such as serve text and images, etc. Impeccable performance and swift operation can be expected from Progressive Web Applications which adds to the overall user experience and user engagement.

5. Seamless and Consistent Offline Operation and Service:

PWAs are very likely to retain consumers and build customer loyalty for they have the potential to operate in a seamless manner, which is offline operation. Unlike websites that require uncompromised internet connection, with PWAs we have built-in service workers to cache essential and important information of the app automatically and that means consistent access to information even without an internet connection.


Progressive Web Applications are reliable (instant loading speed), fast (smooth scrolling), and engaging (rich user experience). Find out if your business requires one and how you can get the expert service to build high functioning Progressive Web Application development services for your business to expand online. Call Us Today or Leave A Message on our social media account.