16 Features That All Best Performing E-Com Mobile Apps Have

The market share of mobile commerce will surpass 72% in 2021 and it is a huge jump in the recent years. Thus, we have come up with this exhaustive list of features that you can implement to your mobile e-commerce application if you are struggling to engage with your target audience and are not able to offer the best of the buying experience.


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Here Are The 15 Best Features That You Must Not Miss On Your Mobile E-Commerce Application:

1. A Quick Registration Process:

By making the registration process quick and least time taking you are actually acknowledging your customer’s time and offering a solution by not taking too much of their time in form filling process.

Enabling quick registration using an email ID or phone number and an OTP verification is less taxing for the user. Another way to make this process quick and easy is by allowing sign up using social media profiles.

2. Visible Search Bar & Item Filter:

Your e-commerce store can either have dozens or thousands of items, but when it comes to serving your customer right it is important how you are making their shopping experience simple and easy.

A search bar is a must on your e-commerce mobile app as your user is not going to go through every item before reaching the one they actually like. A search bar simplifies their exploring process.

The customer knows what they are looking for and it gets easier to get the relevant suggestions when they just search using the search bar. The second important element would be the item filter. For every search they can have more than one result and to refine that list further, a product filter works best.

3. App Wallet Feature For E-Commerce Mobile App:

App wallet feature is a beneficial feature that you would want in your app as it saves time as well as prevents any chance of fraud online in terms of money transactions. The data stored in the mobile wallet is encrypted and that makes the payment process simple, safe, and time-saving.

Also, it is easy to clearly show the details in case of cashback and refund when you have a mobile app wallet in place. It also encourages customers to shop on the go which means you are improving user engagement and conversion rate using this feature.

4. Feedback Feature For Your Mobile E-Commerce App:

When you engage with your customer on a personal level they feel heard and it encourages them to come back to your services. A feedback system helps you to learn what is working for your consumer and what is not working.

You can improve your services based on the feedback and reviews you get. Also, when you give value to your buyer’s feedback, they are more likely to trust and engage more with your business. You can also ask them to leave you a rating on the app store and that will motivate them to consider your business and services.

5. Personalized User And Buying Experience On Mobile App:

The best example to look at for this point would be the Amazon e-commerce mobile app.

Mobile applications for your e-commerce can be designed and built to offer a personalized experience to your consumer and that increases the brand engagement and boosts your conversion rate.

Take into consideration consumer behavior on the basis of which you can offer personalized product recommendations as well as a push notifications.

6. More Than One Payment Mode For Mobile App:

Not everyone will be comfortable with one particular payment mode and that’s why it’s a smart decision to add multiple payment modes on your mobile e-commerce application.

When you consider the convenience factor of your user you are able to reach out and engage with a wide set of audiences for your business. From UPI app to net banking as well as debit/credit card option etc. is a good way to give your audience a wide range of options to choose from. You can also include cash on delivery option to gain the trust of your buyer.

7. Mobile E-commerce App & Customer Support Feature:

How easily a customer can reach out to you and your prompt response to their query is something that adds value to your brand image. The addition of a live chat system, chatbot, or click-to-call button will help your buyer to get that quick assistance.

8. E-commerce Mobile App & Push Notification:

Push notification is a great way to engage with your customer when they are not on the app. Notify them with special offers, sold out an item that is now available or festive deals and fresh arrivals. You can combine them with unique marketing campaigns to offer them the latest relevant information while getting their attention.

9. Option To Add Items After Place An Order:

A good strategy to boost your item sale is giving your buyer as much freedom as possible and that means an option to add more items even after placing an order.

E-commerce mobile apps for the grocery store and beauty items etc. can benefit from this feature where a buyer is allowed to add more items to the existing list of placed orders within a specific time period (for instance, you give your buyer a time window of 24 hours).

This feature will merge the order list of the existing one to the new one provided the action taken within the given time period by the customer.

10. Mobile App & Wishlist:

The wishlist feature comes in handy when your customer wants to keep aside a set of items that they wish or want to purchase later.

A potential buyer might want to keep a reminder list/Wishlist for the items that are out of stock and thus this feature helps them to buy them once they are available. You can also offer a personalized experience to your buyer by sending out push notifications based on their Wishlist.

11. E-commerce Mobile App & Track Order:

Customer is interested in knowing the delivery status of their purchased item. The consumer wants to know how soon they can expect to receive the order.

An order tracking system can be integrated into your mobile app to provide them with a clear update on the product’s progress status. This feature offers transparency and that is another factor that will contribute to building brand reliability.

12. E-commerce Mobile App & Flash Sale:

Flash sale on your e-commerce mobile app is a great way to boost your brand recognition as well as attract new customers for your business.

13. E-commerce Mobile App & Rating/Review:

More than 90% of an online buyer is going to go through reviews and ratings before they make any purchase. Adding reviews and ratings of the products will motivate the buyer to complete the purchase process.

E-commerce websites already have this feature and it is better to incorporate the same features into your mobile app as well.

For Extraordinary User Experience Add Advanced Features To Your Mobile App:

14. Mobile App & Image Search Feature:

Image search is a great option and feature to implement when you have an extensive e-commerce store with a broad range of items and products. The user can click the item they are looking for and you can provide them with available options.

15. E-commerce Mobile App & Voice Search:

Voice search is quite common now and it is one of the user-friendly features that make shopping a lot easier. Most of the top ranking e-commerce applications do have this feature and it makes sense for it boosts user experience.

16. E-commerce Mobile App & AR/VR Function:

Another great way to offer out of the common user experience is by adding new technologies that can transform their buying experience.

Augmented reality features can help your consumer to gain a better understanding of the product they are aiming to purchase. For instance, hair coloring products and offering them the option to check how it will look on them. Also, you can showcase your product with three dimensional view options.


The more you are able to make your consumer comfortable on your platform (e-commerce mobile app) the more they are going to engage with your business. When developing a mobile app especially for the e-commerce platform, make sure to do extensive research of the market and what the general or target user is looking for.

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